zombie games

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Zombie Mob

Play Zombie Mob game

Try to survive the zombie mob as long as possible! Play now

Dwarfs dungeon

Play Dwarfs dungeon game

Defend dwarfs dungeon from evil monsters. Kill monsters with axes, pick up potions and gold. Upgrade your dwarf. Use arrows or A and D for movement. Play now

The Pocalypse Defense

Play The Pocalypse Defense game

The Pocalypse Defense is a defense game based on The Pocalypse webcomic (http://www.thepocalypse.com). You control Joe, a seemingly normal young man... Play now

A Zombie Stole My Toaster

Play A Zombie Stole My Toaster game

Why aren't these zombies interested in my brains? What - get off my stuff! My toaster... My Cactus! Play now

101 Ways To KIll Jonny (Guns)

Play 101 Ways To KIll Jonny (Guns) game

this is the secomd game in the 101 ways to kill jonny saga i hope you like. Play now

BioTerror: Operation Success

Play BioTerror: Operation Success game

Take control of brainwashed super soldier Hank Damage as he fights through waves of zombs in order to save the President's daughter! visit www.tr Play now

Power of magic

Play Power of magic game

Choose your Mage and go to defend land from the Dark Mage and his henchmen. Play now

Rotter Road

Play Rotter Road game

You're alive in a pixelated zombie apocalypse! Use your weapons to kill all the zombies, super zombies, and boss zombies. Play now

Zombie land

Play Zombie land game

Shoot all the zombies in a wave before your health becomes 0 and update your health. Play 3 levels to win the game Play now

Mindy in Zombieland

Play Mindy in Zombieland game

Adventures of a little girl in Zombieland Play now

UVL: Chapter 2

Play UVL: Chapter 2 game

You’ve battled your way through the mansion, but failed to capture the Vampire, and now the hunt is on again. Play now

Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis

Play Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis game

Code - Zombie Crisis: Let out a battlefield of many ghost-like purgatory feel calm haok sniper mission briefings, according to information in severa Play now

Last Line Of Defense

Play Last Line Of Defense game

Cities collapse into chaos as the Ravager virus mutates all infected into bloodthirsty Ravagers. Play now

Zombie Street

Play Zombie Street game

Basic zombie shooter. Play now

Dirt of the Dead

Play Dirt of the Dead game

Dark forces have pounced once again upon your hometown! Play now

Zombie Truck

Play Zombie Truck game

Zombies... every creature turned into zombie. Run away from the territory occupied by walking dead. You have time till morning. Play now

Paint The Town

Play Paint The Town game

Destroy zombie hordes while trying to cover the level in as much blood as possible. Sponsored by: Vabolt - Free Games Play now

Zombie Krul

Play Zombie Krul game

Only one hope to escape from the nightmare Only scientists can find a way to cure the zombies And finally save humanity from this terrible scourge Pleas Play now

Zombie Slash

Play Zombie Slash game

Buzzing Blades at your fingertips, Zombie Heads galore, Buckets of Blood! Slash your way to a high score.. And remember - it's YOU or the ZOMBIES! Play now

Urban Vampire: Chapter 1 Ultimate Extended

Play Urban Vampire: Chapter 1 Ultimate Extended game

Nothing will stand in your way as you fight though the Vampire's lackeys to face off with her. Play now

Zombie fishing

Play Zombie fishing game

Catch a zombie with fishing pole. They like human brains. But we got only arms and legs. The winner is man who catch Fattest zombie. Bon apetito Play now