zombie games

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Parasite Now

Play Parasite Now game

Shoot the zombies before they infect the civilians! Competitive zombie shooting gameplay. Play now

Crimson Hell

Play Crimson Hell game

Survive waves of monsters, aliens, and zombies! This is a fun game to kill time. Also available on your iPhone! Play now

Sniper vs Zombie

Play Sniper vs Zombie game

You are a zombie hunter. You will need a fast reactions and keen eye to eliminate the zombies attacks. Kill as many as you can. Save your tower. Play now


Play ZombieDash game

Collect brains with your zombie. Pink ones taste gooood. Green ones taste baaaad. Gold ones are the bestist. Play now

Zombie Catapult

Play Zombie Catapult game

Aim the catapult to launch the zombie into the coffin. The smart obstacles will make your task harder. Play now


Play CutCutZombie game

To Save the Guy, you need to cut the zombies and shoot the ghosts. Play now

Zombie Three

Play Zombie Three game

Link chains of identical terrible zombie heads. The goal is to make zombie lines, vertically or horizontally, of three or more matching zombies. Play now

Isteroth Defense

Play Isteroth Defense game

The orcs and goblins are determined to prepare a campaign against the human race. Prepare your defense against the oncoming waves of creeps. Play now

Zombie Last night

Play Zombie Last night game

You have to survive in a difficult battle with hordes of zombies. Improve your character, buy new weapons and ammo and destroy the enemy! Play now

Die Die Die - Zombie Shooter

Play Die Die Die - Zombie Shooter game

There is no where to go, no place to hide. Everyone is dead, there is no food or water left. Play now

Aliens Attack - Alien Shooter

Play Aliens Attack - Alien Shooter game

15 levels of shooting with 10 types of aliens and 8 guns on a space station. 1. Excellent Graphics 2. Good Story Board 3. Levels: a. Play now

UVL: Sun City

Play UVL: Sun City game

An arcade action packed, highly detailed 1st person shooter, 1 stage, can you survive until the end. In this 20 frames per-second all out shooter! Play now

zombie guard

Play zombie guard game

From the cargo door of an black hawk aircraft your mission is to guard the zombies area and protect the palisade wall. Consist of 20 levels zombie defens Play now

Haunted Suburb

Play Haunted Suburb game

Zombies and Ghosts are invading! Play now

Vise Head

Play Vise Head game

VISE HEAD Shoot the ball and avenge you Hold the mouse button for power increase Shoot the ball and avenge you Make the best score Play now

Zombie Break-in

Play Zombie Break-in game

Zombie Break-in is a flash take on the COD zombies that fps gamers have known to love. Play now


Play Zombie_Attack game

Our first top down ZOMBIE shooter first atemp so please be pationt with any bug you find =) thank you Play now

Blood, Brains & Bullets

Play Blood, Brains & Bullets game

Brrraaaainzzzz... Zombies Are Going To Get You! That is unless you can suriveve 15 days before the rescue team saves you. Play now

Zombie Golf : Club House of The Dead

Play Zombie Golf : Club House of The Dead game

Make the greens run red with the blood of zombies in this brilliant new Zombie Sports game! Pick your club, and unleash hell on the undead! Play now

Hungry zombies

Play Hungry zombies game

Help a zombie eat all of the brains Play now

Zombie menace

Play Zombie menace game

Kill 100 zombies in minimum time. Play now