Vampire games

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Cafe Rouge 5

Play Cafe Rouge 5 game

Visual novel and cooking game. Chapter 5 of Cafe Rouge Play now

Monster Word Search

Play Monster Word Search game

Can you find all the creepy little monster words? Play now

Vampire Girl Makeover

Play Vampire Girl Makeover game

This Vampire Girl looks amazing. Tonight she is going to appear in a celebration party. Please work as her stylist and give her a dramatic makeover. Play now

Wordcross 14 Twilight!

Play Wordcross 14 Twilight! game

Can you find all the words from Twilight movie? Play now

Vampire Girl

Play Vampire Girl game

Vampire Girl Dress up game. Play now

Vampire Queen

Play Vampire Queen game

The Queen of the Vampires has spent countless generations scheming against her peers until she is finally completely free of any female vampire that woul Play now

Candys Revenge

Play Candys Revenge game

The candy is tired of being fed to little kiddies! Dodge their attacking minions and collect as many as you can before the time runs out. Play now

Chinese Vampire Year 1743

Play Chinese Vampire Year 1743 game

STORY Play as a Taoist Priest, you have to eliminate all the Jumping Corpses! 3 category of skills: Wooden Sword: Chinese vampires are afraid of swords Play now

Vampire Inspired Dressup

Play Vampire Inspired Dressup game

你有没有试过服装 Vampire Inspired Dressup? 你会很温柔,舒适,这在本赛季连衣裙时尚。试试在此集合这些衣服,然后你相信我的话。 Play now

Halloween Pop 720p

Play Halloween Pop 720p game

Halloween Pop is now in HD. Bounce candy corn off of ghosts and other Halloween items, all while you try to juggle and control four bats...literally. Play now

Halloween Pop

Halloween Pop has you bouncing candy corn off of ghosts and other Halloween items, all while you try to juggle and control four bats...literally. Play now

Witch Girl Rikitty

Play Witch Girl Rikitty game

Help Rikitty use her flying broomstick & magic wand to defeat the evil witch! Play now

Vampire Collection

Play Vampire Collection game

적 드레스를 시도 Vampire Collection? 당신은 정말 편안 온유하고 세련된 이번 시즌이 드레스를 입고 것입니다.그럼 당신은 내 말을 믿고이 컬렉션에서이 드레스를 사용해보십시오. Play now

Halloween Kiss

Play Halloween Kiss game

Level 1: help the vampires, kiss each other without their big devil knowledge. Play now

V-Bat Trigger

Play V-Bat Trigger game

Use your mouse and hunt down those vampire bats, but avoid them falling on you! Play now

Dracula vs Zombies 2

Play Dracula vs Zombies 2 game

After defeating the first wave of zombies, Dracula is back and ready to face another hungry hoard of Zombie invaders! This time they brought friends! Play now

Free Slotz

Play Free Slotz game

Get Fake Rich or Go Fake Broke. Free Slotz is a cool free online slot machine game. No real money only real fun with zombies, aliens and Vampires. Play now

The Haunted House

Play The Haunted House game

You have been hired to rid a haunted house of as many zombies, skeletons and vampires as you can before you die. Play now

Oh No, Cowboy Vampires

Play Oh No, Cowboy Vampires game

A bizarre tower defence game featuring robots, dinosaurs, cowboy vampires and a sense of humour. Play now

Dracula vs Zombies

Play Dracula vs Zombies game

A massive wave of zombies has invaded Dracula's castle! Play now

Vampire couple dress up game

Play Vampire couple dress up game game

Dress up the vampire couple with gothic/lolita clothes and accessories. Play now