triangle games

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Mad Shapes 3 ADS

Play Mad Shapes 3 ADS game

Collect all of the shapes in each level by placing identical shapes on the playing field. Play now

Clickazoid 2

Play Clickazoid 2 game

Clickazoid 2 is the sequel to the popular clickazoid puzzle game. More levels and dynamic challenges to win. Play now

Last Green Triangle v1.2

Play Last Green Triangle v1.2 game

You are the last of your kind! Survive! Play now


Play Clickazoid game

Clickazoid is a brand new type of puzzle game in which you have to combine shapes of the same type, the bigger your two shapes the more points you score. Play now


Play Shapes game

You are a circle. You must destroy the other shapes while buying upgrades and simply try to survive. Play now

Triangle vs Squareds

Play Triangle vs Squareds game

For how many time you can hold the Squareds off? Take the challenge for a highscore! Play now

Triangle wars: sandbox

Play Triangle wars: sandbox game

Fight hordes of bulletspitting triangles. In this sandbox mode you can create your own gamebalancing. Make it difficult for a high score multiplier. Play now

Triangle wars episode 1

Play Triangle wars episode 1 game

Fight hordes of bulletspitting triangles. Play now