snake games

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Snake Pathway

Play Snake Pathway game

Build the longest and fastest Snake Pathway! Play now

snake eater

Play snake eater game

Classic version of the snake game with a little twist, Eat the numbers so his tail grows by that number and rice the score with that number. Play now


Play Stringy game

Drive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls, rotating barriers and lasers, and collect red and yellow stars. Beat levels quickly to gain White Stars, Play now

Snake bob

Play Snake bob game

The player controls a snake that crawls on the plane and collect food. Play now

Chess Snake Puzzles

Play Chess Snake Puzzles game

Draw a snake that goes from the lower left square to the upper right square. Play now

Word Snake

Play Word Snake game

Find as many words as you can in the grid. Play now


Play Snaketronic game

Snaketronic is a 3D flash game where you control a snake shaped vehicle, whose aim is to collect all the energy balls. Avoid falling through gaps, getti Play now


Play D.O.T game

D.O.T is a game of simplicity. Avoid the red snakes for as long as possible. That's all you have to do! But can you master it? Play now

Cobra: Snake project

Play Cobra: Snake project game

you need to get all food and don't let the head of you snake hit the own body or walls, when you finish all levels a secret level is available Play now

Snake and Butterfly ( russian ver )

Play Snake and Butterfly ( russian ver ) game

Раскрась необычных друзей — мудрую змею и веселую бабочку! Play now

Froggo 2

Play Froggo 2 game

Help Froggo on his difficult journey through a magical land. Play now

Ze Snake

Play Ze Snake game

The classic arcade game of Snake. Move along the square and collect point, but never reach the vorders, or cross with your own tail. Play now


Play SnakeGame game

One of the simplest games ever made, but then different. With levels, your own options (difficulty, walls yes or no etc.) and much more. Play now

Snaker Game

Play Snaker Game game

Everyone knows this game. It's probally one of the simplest and easiest ever made, Snake. You are the snake, and you are hungry. Play now

Green Tree Python Jigsaw Puzzle

Play Green Tree Python Jigsaw Puzzle game

Green Tree Python Jigsaw Puzzle Play now

Snake and Butterfly

Play Snake and Butterfly game

Fascinating anymal story goes that a snake and a butterfly can be friends. And it's true. Colour unusual friends! Play now

Snake Puzzle

Play Snake Puzzle game

Classic puzzle game Play now

Snake defense

Play Snake defense game

Watch out for snakes because they are dangerous killers. Protect yourself by kill all of them with your great weapons. Play now


Play Anaconda game

Eat food, grow and don't run into yourself. Play now

Green Water Snake

Play Green Water Snake game

Green Water Snake Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve. Play now

Egg Eater

Play Egg Eater game

eat the maximum eggs in 60 sec Play now