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Road Accident

Play Road Accident game

Most of Road Accidents are held by the careless and wrong destinations. But anyway we should help if anywhere we found accidents. Play now

Mighty Fish

Play Mighty Fish game

It's hard to be a fish. Jump, eat and avoid enemy fishes! Control the mighty fish avoiding obstacles and collect blue fishes or flying bugs. Play now


Play Bosses!!! game

If you always wanted to fight bosses in games then this is the perfect shooting game for you! Play now

Hidden Object Library

Play Hidden Object Library game

Find the hidden objects from this pleasant library. Have a more fun to play this game Play now

Toxic Spill

Play Toxic Spill game

Only you can help clean up this terrible toxic spill! You have to act fast if you hope to return this once beautiful beach back to its proper habitat. Play now

Rocket Leapin

Play Rocket Leapin game

Rocket launchers are useful for more than causing carnage. In Rocket Leapin you handle a rocket launcher to reach difficult spots. Play now

Bazooka Master

Play Bazooka Master game

Do you have what it takes to become a Bazooka Master?! Prepare your bazooka and shoot as close to the target as possible with 20 shots available. Play now

Invader Attack Survival

Play Invader Attack Survival game

3D top view shooter with brutal action and music. You will die for sure, it's just a matter of how long you can survive the invading forces. Play now

Reaction time 3

Play Reaction time 3 game

Try this reaction time test! Push the "click" button as soon as you percieve that the bombs have exploded an see your Reaction Time! Play now

Flags of the World

Play Flags of the World game

Flags of the World is a fast-paced quiz game that will provide hours of fun for the entire family. It's a game of knowledge, skills and wits. Play now

Missile Gunner

Play Missile Gunner game

Old school Missile Command with new look. Shoot your rockets at incoming missiles. Survive round 10 to get the bonus round and see how long you can last. Play now


Play Bubbler! game

Fill up the screen with bubbles without touching the bubble poppers. Make bigger bubbles for higher scores. Play now

Arrow Sky

Play Arrow Sky game

Use your bow and arrows to complete fun and challenging levels. Play now

Patrol Comet

Play Patrol Comet game

New free online physics and skill game by The uninvited guests arrive on the Earth. Play now

Kittens Love

Play Kittens Love game

These cute kittens are in love and they want to spend some time together. Play now

BB - Hotel Job

Play BB - Hotel Job game

Brittany Birt is going to earn more money again and this time she is working as a hotel manager. Play now

Physics Avoider

Play Physics Avoider game

Trapped forever in a odd space where the only thing to do is survive and collect jewels. Play now

Monsters Rampage

Play Monsters Rampage game

In Monsters Rampage you have to kill these bouncing monsters. They split into smaller monsters that you have to shoot again. Play now

Multi Stack

Play Multi Stack game

Stack all the way to the top in this slick addictive skill game. There are 5 columns flashing back-and-forth, use spacebar to stop and align each row on Play now

The Habby Bubbles

Play The Habby Bubbles game

Use the mouse to move the happy blue bubble. Collect all happy green bubbles. The faster you reach them, the more points you will get. Play now

Cat Hair Salon

Play Cat Hair Salon game

It is a great hair salon game for girls and your task is to serve pretty cats and make them required hair styles and hair color. Play now