short games

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Fear Less!

Play Fear Less! game

A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Play now

Extreme Bouncer

Play Extreme Bouncer game

Draw a path for Wuzzle the bouncer to make him reach the win area. Try to aim for the lowest number of bounces. Play now

Zombie Smasher

Play Zombie Smasher game

Smash Zombies too survive this intense time trial! A quick fast paced game to keep you on your toes!! Play now

Reaction time 3

Play Reaction time 3 game

Try this reaction time test! Push the "click" button as soon as you percieve that the bombs have exploded an see your Reaction Time! Play now

Sexy Short Pan

Play Sexy Short Pan game

적 드레스를 시도 Sexy Short Pan? 당신은 정말 편안 온유하고 세련된 이번 시즌이 드레스를 입고 것입니다.그럼 당신은 내 말을 믿고이 컬렉션에서이 드레스를 사용해보십시오. Play now

Boss Killer

Play Boss Killer game

Are you ready for 5 minutes of adrenaline rush?! Boss Killer is a quick game. Your objective is to kill all the bosses as fast as you can. Good luck! Play now


Play Collector game

In classic arcade style, you must get as many points as possible before time runs out. Play now

Fruity Fruit

Play Fruity Fruit game

Short score game for everyone. Short and FUN. Play now

Reaction time 2

Play Reaction time 2 game

This is a time reaction test. Try to press the "click" button as fast as you can when you see the red light turns green... Play now

Reaction time

Play Reaction time game

This is a reaction time test. Try to react as fast as you can when you see the face smiling by doing click in the button. Play now


Play Paddleball game

Play a short but nice game of Paddleball! Play now


Play Mittens game

Can you save the princess? Be warned, things may not be as expected! Play now

Shoot and Grow

Play Shoot and Grow game

Exciting arcade game, which does not require a lot of time - just fill the bubble to 100% in shortest time. Play now

Cool Short Summer 2011

Play Cool Short Summer 2011 game

적 드레스를 시도 Cool Short Summer 2011? 당신은 정말 편안 온유하고 세련된 이번 시즌이 드레스를 입고 것입니다. 그럼 당신은 내 말을 믿고이 컬렉션에서이 드레스를 사용해보십시오. Play now

Tic Tac Toe Bee

Play Tic Tac Toe Bee game

A simple tic tac toe game. Can be played by 1 or 2 players. Play with mouse. Play now

Stylish Short Boy

Play Stylish Short Boy game

적 드레스를 시도Stylish Short Boy? 당신은 정말 편안 온유하고 세련된 이번 시즌이 드레스를 입고 것입니다. 그럼 당신은 내 말을 믿고이 컬렉션에서이 드레스를 사용해보십시오. Play now

Quickshot Stickmen

Play Quickshot Stickmen game

Quickshot Stickmen - Tired of poorly drawn stickmen around the web? Here is your chance to take revenge! Play now

Save Sam

Play Save Sam game

Help SAM get to the stars by clicking on objects in his world to do stuff. Play now


Play Killbot game

Survive as long as possible! Simple arcade game, made in an hour. Have fun! Play now

Push it

Play Push it game

Push the corresponding button to make the balls explode, matching buttons and balls color. Make it faster to gain more points. Play now