rescue games

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Stolen Amulet

Play Stolen Amulet game

In this game you will try to find and rescue a talisman that was stolen from his people. Play now

Mountain Rescue Driver 3

Play Mountain Rescue Driver 3 game

Fun 8x8 rescue truck adventure driving puzzle. Drive to the exit as fast as you can. Play now

Uncle Weird Rescue Mission

Play Uncle Weird Rescue Mission game

Evil outer space monsters want to invade earth and have killed many innocent people. Help uncle weird defeat those monsters! Play now

Reindeer Bounce

Play Reindeer Bounce game

A magical mishap is causing Santa's reindeer to blast out of control into the sky. Bounce the poor animals back to safety in time for Christmas Eve! Play now

Bomb Kingdom

Play Bomb Kingdom game

Pleasant goat accidentally broke into the bomb kingdom, escape him out of bomb kingdom! Bomb the goat through all 24 tricky Levels. Play now

Christmas - Coal Mine Escape

Play Christmas - Coal Mine Escape game

Help Santa Save Coal Gatherers! Play now

Copter Quest

Play Copter Quest game

Drive helicopter through many obstacles, and pick up children to ride with you Play now

Toto's Animal Rescue

Play Toto's Animal Rescue game

Help Toto catch all the falling animal babies and deliver them safely home to their mothers. Play now

Police Rescue

Play Police Rescue game

Help this police to rescue the coins. Buy upgrades and capture the truck. Play now

Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem

Play Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem game

Help Ray save his friends and the city from the evil Dreaga.. Use the Ectomobile, a 1959 Miller Meteor Ambulance, to bust Dreaga and his minions. Play now

Animal Rescue

Play Animal Rescue game

Chubby bears, chirping monkeys and petite squirrels - so many cute little animals have lost their way and ended up in your backyard. Play now

Rescue from deep

Play Rescue from deep game

"Escape-room" mini-game. You must rescue the crew of sunked submarine. Play now

Rescue Bear 2

Play Rescue Bear 2 game

In Rescue Bear 2, your mission is to save the bears. Click on the wooden beams to remove them and make the animals roll into the barrel. Play now

DOLI- Toto's Quest

Play DOLI- Toto's Quest game

Toto is on a special mission to save Tina and you need to help him get through the levels' tasks. Play now

S.W.A.T. Rescue Team

Play S.W.A.T. Rescue Team game

The government officials were kidnapped by terrorists during a congress in Caribbean Islands. You must not bow to the terrorists. Rescue the hostages! Play now

Rescue from Meteorite Shower

Play Rescue from Meteorite Shower game

Action Game where you have to destroy meteorites and enemy spaceships. There are several missions: Rescue people, scort a ship with refugees, avoid al Play now

Gravital rescue

Play Gravital rescue game

In this game you take control of a rocket that has to rescue escape pods and arrive to it's destination. Play now