Platformer games

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Inverted Y

Play Inverted Y game

Hero of the game inverted Y. He lives in the world of letters. He has the special ability to turn the world. Find all the secrets of this unusual world. Play now

Ragdoll Clown!

Play Ragdoll Clown! game

Dynamic physical platformer with original concept, in where controlling the clown you will pass twenty unique dungeons, and open achievements! Play now

Neon Guy

Play Neon Guy game

Neon Guy is a platform game where you only need to use one button for all input. Jump over gaps, avoid enemies and master the force of gravity in your Play now


Play Spacewalker game

A simple but challenging platform game with sometimes unpredictable gameplay. Play now


Play HackBotz game

You are a hacker trapped inside a company that specializes in military robotics. Play now

Fruit Dude

Play Fruit Dude game

An evil shaman is chasing you. Make your way through the jungle to survive and unlock a new game mode. Play now


Play Bash game

Bash the rocks on the monsters collect the coins and avoid/jump the spikes see if you can score high. Play now

Pixel Hop 2

Play Pixel Hop 2 game

Pixel Hop 2 is a puzzle platformer with dynamic and challenging puzzle mechanics. Can you make it home? Play now

Gravity Bob

Play Gravity Bob game

Puzzle platformer where you switch gravity. Try to guide Bob through 20 levels of dangers and get him home safely. Play now

N?na, Ha?e F?aith

Play N?na, Ha?e F?aith game

N?na, Ha?e F?aith: is a platformer about being lost and about finding your way back home. is a dimension-swapping puzzle/action game. tells a story ab Play now

Panic Killing - Zombie Attack

Play Panic Killing - Zombie Attack game

Play zombie games that consist of 23 levels with much zombies,bloods,weapons,upgrade,items and variative gameplays. You can also download and play this z Play now

Tobe's Great Escape

Play Tobe's Great Escape game

Yet again trapped in a crumbling cave, Tobe must try his best to escape. Play now

Bearboy and the Cursor

Play Bearboy and the Cursor game

Bearboy has a new friend, your mouse/cursor! It's time to click and slide through this exciting new platformer with a unique twist. Play now

The Perfect Fighter 1.9

Play The Perfect Fighter 1.9 game

version 1.9 The Ultimate fighting flash game by Flashkof ! great high resolution graphics 12 characters severals game modes multiplayer online lot Play now

Bazooka Baby Rampage

Play Bazooka Baby Rampage game

Exciting platformer. Little Billy is an infant with courage, dedication and an alarming propensity for violence! Play now

Crate Climber

Play Crate Climber game

Escape the imminent lava wall of doom by climbing to the skies using the falling crates as your stepping stones! All crates, except for health and gla Play now

Go Go Gummo - Down in the Dumps

Play Go Go Gummo - Down in the Dumps game

Go Go Gummo - Down In The Dumps is a fun, action-puzzle platformer that will have you immersed in a world where you can swing, sling, fling, float and ro Play now

Cactus McCoy

Play Cactus McCoy game

When a routine treasure hunt goes awry, McCoy is transformed into a walking cactus by the ancient Curse of Thorns. Play now

Mr. Pig's Platforming Diet

Play Mr. Pig's Platforming Diet game

Mr. Pig thought he could goof off this sunday... but he did promise his wife he would diet! Play now


Play Transformice game

Transformice is a multiplayer flash game where you play as a little mouse out to grab some cheese and get it back to his mousehole ! Play now

Distress Signal

Play Distress Signal game

Starship Ironside is on a journey of exploration and is suddenly being sabotaged and forced to crash on a planet on the far side of Triangulum Galaxy. Play now