Physics games

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Body Dumper

Play Body Dumper game

Drive the dead bodies up the hills and dump them off the cliff. Play now

Truck Riders

Play Truck Riders game

Race against opponents and win prize money! You can buy some upgrades and unlock new trucks in the shop. Play now

Imperfect Balance 3

Play Imperfect Balance 3 game

The destruction continues with 45 new constructions. Play now


Play HydroBlox game

Fight against time with quick thinking and steady hand in this physics based brick breaking game. Play now

Friction Physics

Play Friction Physics game

A unique physics based puzzle game by and where you control friction and gravity in order to make the box reac Play now

Bunny and Hat

Play Bunny and Hat game

Remove items to join the bunny and hat. Play now

Smart Balloon

Play Smart Balloon game

Control the balloon, deliver a coin into the basket and solve the puzzle Play now

Drop it

Play Drop it game

Drop It is an unusual physics game where you use different tools to drop objects around. Play now

Ship Loader

Play Ship Loader game

Great casual physics game. Your task is to load containers of different weight into the hold of the ship using magnetic crane. Play now

King of Greece

Play King of Greece game

You are the king of Greece, and you work just 23 days every year. Play now

Online Planking Game

Play Online Planking Game game

Throw items at the plankers to bring them down from their planking positions. Play now

Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack

Play Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack game

With hundreds of castles submitted, the Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack was made for the fans by the fans. Thanks to everyone who submitted. Play now

Hanger 2

Play Hanger 2 game

Hanger is back! Use your rope to swing through each level. Oh, and try not to lose too many bodyparts on the way. Play now

Tractors Power 2

Play Tractors Power 2 game

Feel the breathe of the village life and drive your tractor through hilly terrain. Play now

Brave Kings - level pack

Play Brave Kings - level pack game

Fire massive arrows to cut through wooden structures and cause them to collapse on your targets Play now

Unfortunate Accidents

Play Unfortunate Accidents game

Play through 20 brain-melting levels and produce various accidents killing the bad guys. Play now

Forest Smiley

Play Forest Smiley game

Free online addictive arcade skill game from This nice little fidget goes to the forest to eat camdies, use mouse to jump and collec Play now

Magic Eggs

Play Magic Eggs game

Deliver egg to the nest Play now

Space Gravity Game 2

Play Space Gravity Game 2 game

The unique space simulator with a realistic physical model. Collect prizes, design the optimal trajectory. Play now

Physics Cup 3

Play Physics Cup 3 game

Guide the ball to the goal by solving physics puzzles. Play now



Solve puzzles, upgrade weapons.Try to complete 30 challenging levels and earn all achievements! Play now