Physics games

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The King Of Slingshot

Play The King Of Slingshot game

Show your slingshot skill by knocking down all the boxes in this addicting physics based game. The game features 18 challenging levels. Play now


Play B-Sort game

B-Sort is a fun physics/puzzle game. Play now


Play Gravitas game

Gravitas is a relaxing, physics based puzzle game where you rotate pieces in order to free Red Squares. Play now

Odd Ducks

Play Odd Ducks game

Remove every single cat or cat like block from the screen but save the ducks. This is a Red Remover inspired game but with a way more relaxing gameplay. Play now

Vehicles 2

Play Vehicles 2 game

Bad vehicles are causing havoc on the streets. Use your vehicles to ram them off the screen and restore peace to the streets. Play now


Play Bloq3 game

Connect-3 + physics + puzzles. Each level has different objective, but you must guess it. Play now

Loony Box

Play Loony Box game

Loony Box is a sandbox/physics puzzle game in which you have to master different ways of getting a little box into a specific area. Play now

Blosics 3

Play Blosics 3 game


Truck Loader 3

Play Truck Loader 3 game

Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! Play now

Halloween Turret

Play Halloween Turret game

Destroy all Halloween things Play now

Zombie Smasher

Play Zombie Smasher game

Cars vs Zombies! The time of revenge has come. All the zombies will be Eliminated! Play now


Play BasketBalls game

Fun physics game based on Basketball. Play now

Tumble Fruit

Play Tumble Fruit game

A physics game about feeding cute animals. Play now

Cuboy Quest 2

Play Cuboy Quest 2 game

Cuboy Quest 2 is a sequel of a popular puzzle shooter. You can play 30 exciting levels with new features and dangers such as elastic platform and lava. Play now

Astro Jump

Play Astro Jump game

Soar high up in the caves to help Astro Boy escape! Play now

Nimble Piggy

Play Nimble Piggy game

Nimble Piggy grew magic beans in the garden. Legend said that treasures can be found on the top. Piggy wants to go up to look for it. Play now

Skullhunter: level pack

Play Skullhunter: level pack game

Upgrade your weapons, solve puzzles and try to complete all levels in this physics based game! Play now

Spam Defender

Play Spam Defender game

Spam filtering can be a hard work. Defend your inbox against spam, upgrade your gun, collect achievements and compare your score with others. Play now

Rolling Stones

Play Rolling Stones game

Doctor Ox invented new method how to train supersoldiers. Human body is much more powerful in extremely stressful situations. Play now

Cave Crystal Drop

Play Cave Crystal Drop game

Drop yourself down into the cave. Bounce off as many gems as you can while avoiding villains. Play now

Stunt Crazy

Play Stunt Crazy game

Become a world famous stunt man in this smashing, destruct-em-up. Play now