Physics games

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Gravity Football Champions 2012

Play Gravity Football Champions 2012 game

The latest edition of Gravity Football Champions! Football (soccer) + physics in a fun mix! Features: - updated 2012 champions teams - improved gamepla Play now

Gibbets 3

Play Gibbets 3 game

Gibbets is back! Load up your trusty bow and shoot some rope to save people from being hanged! Now includes a custom level editor. Play now

Star Claws

Play Star Claws game

Great physics remover game with new features. Defend Earth from Aliens, using CATS! Play now

Santa is mad

Play Santa is mad game

This is an excellent physics game made especially for Christmas. Evil snowmen are attacking and Santa won't be playing the good guy anymore. Play now

Minibike Trials

Play Minibike Trials game

Complete all the levels in the fastest time in this fun physics based bike trials game. Play now

Let It Rain

Play Let It Rain game

Let It Rain is a physics based game where you water flowers by making raindrops fly back to the clouds to make it rain. Play now

Flaming Zombooka 3

Play Flaming Zombooka 3 game

Zombie Clowns! Oh no, blow them up! Play now


Play Aquanoid game

Aquanoid is a revision of a classic game based on blocks. Destroy them all with the balls before the water touch the limit. This is a challenge! Play now

Break Bar RPG

Play Break Bar RPG game

A twist to the Breakout style genre with the addition of Bosses, Experience Levels, Permanent Upgrades, and more! Play now


Play SaveSmileys game

Save Smileys is an amazing physics game. Play now

The Wizard of Blox 2

Play The Wizard of Blox 2 game

Only a true wizard can perform these 33 magic tricks and make the blocks disappear! Play now


Play SpaceWaste game

Evil Aliens from outer space have left their garbage in our solar system! Play now

Sticky Ninja Academy

Play Sticky Ninja Academy game

Beat 30 levels in this unique physics / platform game. Play now

Paddle Shooter

Play Paddle Shooter game

This is a super cool minigame. Play now

The Balancer 2

Play The Balancer 2 game

Drop the tools on to the balance platform, preventing any from falling. If the builder drops any tools, you lose. Play now

Zombie Boom

Play Zombie Boom game

Blast the zombies and save the innocent bystanders in Zombie Boom. Can you complete all 25 levels of zombie carnage in this physics based puzzle game? Play now

The Balancer

Play The Balancer game

Balance the platform by strategically guiding the boxes. Play now

Citrus Strike

Play Citrus Strike game

The oranges are mad at the humans for boxing them and selling them off. Get revenenge on the humans by ridding of the horrid boxes! Play now

The End

Play The End game

December 20th 2012 : DOOMSDAY The Apocalypse descends on Earth. Built shelters to save what remains of humanity. Play now

Sieged 2!

Play Sieged 2! game

Your castle is under siege! Play now

Pixle Physics

Play Pixle Physics game

You are presented with a challenge in which you must fire a ball from specific points on the game to knock blocks off the screen. Play now