Parody games

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Shameless clone 2

Play Shameless clone 2 game

Pick a hero and destroy imaginative worlds. Insane gameplay. Polished oldschool graphics. Swarms of enemies and tons of bonuses. Upgrade your hero. Play now

Bieber Bowl

Play Bieber Bowl game

Stop Bieber using a slingshot and bowling balls! Play now

Baby Baby Baby

Play Baby Baby Baby game

Another remake of a classic video game. This time a young popstar is accused of being the father of several babies! Play now

Spoof Grid

Play Spoof Grid game

After the Tron remake now play Tron the spoof game! Clu and his evil team stole Flynn's disc. Don't let Flynn and the others get it back. Play now

Arnold's Fury

Play Arnold's Fury game

Arnold Schwarzenegger reminisces about the good old days in Hollywood, when he used to blow things up and tell people to GET DOWN! Play now

Asians in the Library

Play Asians in the Library game

IMPORTANT: If you are not familiar with the "Asians in the Library" video, please watch it first, or else the joke behind this game will escape Play now

big LITTLE plagiary 3: Made in China

Play big LITTLE plagiary 3: Made in China game

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." - P.Picasso. Play now

Choose Your Game

Play Choose Your Game game

Tired of fantasy? Then turn the space setting ON! You don't like adventures? Then let's play a shooter! Play now