obstacles games

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Play WeepersOut game

Run and jump through obstacles, count your time to finish the level Play now

ball and obstacles

Play ball and obstacles game

You have to collect all gold balls. considering not to touch walls or obstacles. Play now

The Survivor

Play The Survivor game

You are alone... You have not seen another living entity for many days now... But what you often see are some beings not so living or human... And now th Play now

Mighty Fish

Play Mighty Fish game

It's hard to be a fish. Jump, eat and avoid enemy fishes! Control the mighty fish avoiding obstacles and collect blue fishes or flying bugs. Play now

Rainbow Worm's Munchy Run

Play Rainbow Worm's Munchy Run game

Using the mouse dodge obstacles while grabbing munchies to score bonus points. Use Stars to pass through walls. Play now


Play NFW game

Speed to the finish collecting power ups and avoiding other boaters in this exhilarating racing game! Play now

Skid Racers 2

Play Skid Racers 2 game

This is the sequel to the most amazing slot racer game on the internet. It is fast, full of action and cotains a whole tournament. Play now


Play Ditto game

The game has one goal, to get each lover, Eros & Roxana together again. Play now

Bike Zone 2

Play Bike Zone 2 game

Ride over the all obstacles on a level without crashing your bike! Play now

Fly Fast

Play Fly Fast game

Try to fly as far as you can. You have to avoid obstacles. Fly through two nearby obstacles to get a bonus. Play now

Watch Out!

Play Watch Out! game

A simple one day game I created. It starts out simple, but gets more complex. Play now

Skid Racers

Play Skid Racers game

'The most amazing slot racer game on the internet you can find. It is fast, full of action on many tracks. Play now

Penguin Physics

Play Penguin Physics game

Help the penguins get past the ice blocks and into the water so they can find some herring! Play now

The Texting and Driving Game

Play The Texting and Driving Game game

*Teeterbird does not condone texting and driving. Play now


Play Parkour game

It's time to run! You have to pass through different obstacles while running away from the police! Practice your parkour skills!. Play now

Bike Zone

Play Bike Zone game

Ride over the all obstacles on a level without crashing your bike! Play now

Jumping Jimbo

Play Jumping Jimbo game

Jump your way through 8 exciting levels, each with unique challenges and obstacles! Play now