mushrooms games

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Play Mushbits game

Unite bunnies and mushrooms in this bouncy puzzle game. Play now

Jigsaw: Coprinus Micaceus

Play Jigsaw: Coprinus Micaceus game

Mushrooms in a row. Not every mushroom is eatable so watch out. Play now


Play Mushrooms game

Two mushroom growing under a pine tree. Play now

Centipede Online

Play Centipede Online game

Use the mouse to pilot your starship to kill as many centipedes as you can. Grab powerups to boost your shots. Highest score is the winner. Play now

Battle of Mushrooms

Play Battle of Mushrooms game

Lead your mushrooms to victory, conquer enemie's houses, cottages and skyscrapers. take control over defence spore towers! Play now

Leprechaun's Daughter Coloring

Play Leprechaun's Daughter Coloring game

Today leprechaun’s daughter herself wants to share here Irish luck with you! Color this joyful fairy girl anyhow you like! Play now


Play Shilox game

After eating some mushrooms you decide to rid the world of rain clouds since they make people sad. Play now

Enchanted Forest

Play Enchanted Forest game

Enchanted Forest is a FREE slot machine where pixie dust brings forest creatures to life. Play now