mushroom games

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Fear Less!

Play Fear Less! game

A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Play now

Mushroom House Decoration

Play Mushroom House Decoration game

Enter the fantastic forest of gnomes and have a great time playing a new decoration game! Play now

Mushroom Cannon 3

Play Mushroom Cannon 3 game

Mushroom Cannon is back! Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon, then click to fire the mushroom. Play now

Jigsaw: Huddled Mushrooms

Play Jigsaw: Huddled Mushrooms game

Line of red mushrooms with white dots. Play now

The Ball

Play The Ball game

Save red ball from evil cannons. Play now

Fludo Tasty Mushrooms

Play Fludo Tasty Mushrooms game

You want to taste a little hallucination with the Fludo? Lots of interesting levels, where you have to jump and run with little green men! Play now