Mouse games

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To the Moon

Play To the Moon game

Avoid the flesh-eating stars. Complete with other players to get the longest time avoiding the stars. Play now

Siege Knight

Play Siege Knight game

A fun defense and shooting game hybrid. Defeat wave after wave of enemies through strategic trap placement and fast shooting! Play now

looking 4 little dudes 6

Play looking 4 little dudes 6 game

short, fun seek and find locate 10 little dudes and win Play now

Follow the Path

Play Follow the Path game

Use mouse to follow the path, don't let the emote guy drop! Play now

Feed the Mouse

Play Feed the Mouse game

Feed the mouse and win stars. Play now

Hashing Space

Play Hashing Space game

Equip your spaceship and defend the Solar System until you are a colonel. Features: - 3 difficulty levels - 5 types of upgrades - 11 bosses (at insane m Play now


Play FrankenSplit game

A Splitscreen One Button Game! Help Frankenstein's monsters to reach the exits in this challenging multitasking skill game. Play now

Boat Racing Challenge

Play Boat Racing Challenge game

Boat Racing Challenge is a slow paced skill game. Play now

Escape from the Very Bad Planet

Play Escape from the Very Bad Planet game

Upgrade your ship, buy weapons, collect coins and escape from the Very Bad Planet in this fast-paced action/arcade game! Game was featured on Newgrounds Play now

Traffic Blitz

Play Traffic Blitz game

You are an officer who has the sole goal in life to direct traffic. There are no traffic lights at the intersection you have been assigned. Play now

Click Precision

Play Click Precision game

Test and improve your mouse precision and speed. Click on the targets to gain points. The closer you are to the center, the more points you get. Play now

Elemental Balance

Play Elemental Balance game

Explode bombs to burn wood with fire and rust metal in water. Play now

Return To Jimmy Nest

Play Return To Jimmy Nest game

Return To Jimmy Nest is a point and click adventure game where you need to help a little mouse escape various traps. Play now

Invisible Walk

Play Invisible Walk game

52 Weeks of Game Development: Week 2. Play now

Pet That Kitty

Play Pet That Kitty game

Pet all the kitties and don't touch those dirty dogs! Play now

Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse

Play Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a mouse from the Chinese Zodiac. Play now

Connect Animals

Play Connect Animals game

Help animals find their pairs by connecting them together. The game may have simple rules, but it's more challenging than you can imagine. Play now

jerry and gems

Play jerry and gems game

Move the mouse to catch gems, be careful of falling rocks! Play now

Llama in your face

Play Llama in your face game

You are the most awesome llama in the zoo! Use your amazing spit powers to defend yourself against hordes of annyoing zoo visitors. Play now

Trap Them Pixels

Play Trap Them Pixels game

Trap as many pixels inside the circle as you can. Play now

iR obot

Play iR obot game

Bad obots are coming! They crave more RAM, faster CPU and better IDE cards. Play now