monsters games

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Go Xnergy

Play Go Xnergy game

In a galaxy far away all the planets use Xnergy as their primary energy source. Play now

Angry Valentines Day

Play Angry Valentines Day game

The Angry Valentine Monsters will soon take over the world! The only one who can now stop them is YOU! Play now

Monsters Magic

Play Monsters Magic game

Funny game to make funny cartoons. Discover your favorite magic! Just use the mouse and click on the cartoon. Play now

Help Santa

Play Help Santa game

Mini game about new year. Santa lost gifts, and now he has to re-gather them into his sack. But be careful, the evil trolls not dozing. Play now

Colony Planet

Play Colony Planet game

Resources on earth are running out, human beings must find a new planet to live on. Play now

Santa's Battlefield

Play Santa's Battlefield game

Santas Battlefield is an awesome Zombie/Monster shooter where Santa has to battle an endless barrage of zombies and monsters unlocking awesome weapons an Play now

Monster Go Home

Play Monster Go Home game

Help the poor little monster get home before his mom beats him. Play now

The Axe Ninja

Play The Axe Ninja game

Help the ninja throw his magical axe at the monsters and save the fairies. 10 levels of intense action. Play now

Spooky Match Up

Play Spooky Match Up game

Get scared out of your wits playing this spooky match 3 game. Play now

Remove Them

Play Remove Them game

Click and remove. Can you remove them all? Play now

Frankenstein Frenzy

Play Frankenstein Frenzy game

Escape from the laboratory where the evil scientists are trying to keep you contained. You are Frankenstein in this fantastically fun Halloween game. Play now

Monster Buster

Play Monster Buster game

Defeat all kinds of classic Halloween monsters like Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Grim Reaper, Frog Man, and many more! Play now

Spore Runner

Play Spore Runner game

Keep on running! Avoid monsters, collect seeds, and get the top score. Play now

Dracula vs Zombies 2

Play Dracula vs Zombies 2 game

After defeating the first wave of zombies, Dracula is back and ready to face another hungry hoard of Zombie invaders! This time they brought friends! Play now

Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem

Play Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem game

Help Ray save his friends and the city from the evil Dreaga.. Use the Ectomobile, a 1959 Miller Meteor Ambulance, to bust Dreaga and his minions. Play now

Monsters Rampage

Play Monsters Rampage game

In Monsters Rampage you have to kill these bouncing monsters. They split into smaller monsters that you have to shoot again. Play now

Cute Rabbit VS Monsters

Play Cute Rabbit VS Monsters game

Monsters are falling down from the sky. Cute rabbit is in danger. Play now


Play BioBalancer game

You have been chosen to be Earth's new BioBalancer. Earth is the most powerful planet in our galaxy and your job is to protect other planets from Play now

Kiss The Darts

Play Kiss The Darts game

Kiss The Darts combines the fun of firing monsters from live monster-cannon with the challenge of a physics-puzzle game. Play now

Adventures Of Knight

Play Adventures Of Knight game

Adventures of knight is a casual platformer with elements of physics. Play now

The Dwarf

Play The Dwarf game

You are a greedy dwarf. Play now