mining games

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Uberroids 9000

Play Uberroids 9000 game

Blast open the asteroids with your plasma torch weapon and look for the rich purple diamonds that are contained in the asteroids. Play now

All out space battle

Play All out space battle game

Real Time Strategy Space brawl. Be the first to collect 10000 ore, or eradicate your enemy. Play now


Play kuiper game

Build up your space fighter in the pirate infested Kuiper asteroid belt. Play now

Gold Mine 1

Play Gold Mine 1 game

You are trapped in a Gold Mine and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Play now

Mining Truck

Play Mining Truck game

Mining facilities need hugh vehicles to carry load from one point to another one. Play now

Open-Pit Mining Jigsaw

Play Open-Pit Mining Jigsaw game

Open-Pit Mining Jigsaw Puzzle. Can you solve it? Play now

Bitcoin Miner

Play Bitcoin Miner game

You are on a mission to mine asteroids for precious Bitcoins. Play now


Play Harv-E game

Dig, blast and upgrade your way to finding love and friendship, one piece at a time. Play now

Sqwabble Mining

Play Sqwabble Mining game

Last year, as we were digging, we ran into a massive cave! Play now


Play Chisel game

Help the chiseller dig through the planets to reach the target amount! Play now


Play Energy game

This is a simple collection and avoiding game. In the game, your are a pilot of a mining aircraft and working on a routine mission. Play now