mayhem games

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Play Bloodlands game

Bloodlands is a third person shooter inspired by the classic action shooters. Play now

Absolute Mayhem

Play Absolute Mayhem game

Absolute Mayhem is the sequence to the famous 3D third person shooter for the Flash platform, Total Mayhem. Play now

Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem

Play Ectomobile Adventures: Manhattan Mayhem game

Help Ray save his friends and the city from the evil Dreaga.. Use the Ectomobile, a 1959 Miller Meteor Ambulance, to bust Dreaga and his minions. Play now

Total Mayhem

Play Total Mayhem game

Enter this gigantic evil castle and search for the philosofer's stone, stolen by Parallax, a devil pursuing the destruction of the world. Play now

Gang Battle

Play Gang Battle game

Mr Cak hates motorcyle gang who comes with noisy muffler from their bikes !!! he decide to destroy all bikers !! Play now

Tank Chaos

Play Tank Chaos game

Destroy all Tanks! Tank Chaos is a fast action skill game where you cause mayhem and destruction by destroying any and all tanks! Play now

Funland Defender

Play Funland Defender game

Defend your FunLand from Pipe the property fraud Play now

Mass Mayhem 3

Play Mass Mayhem 3 game

Massive Mayhem 3 features a new environment with plenty of new vehicles and buildings to wreck and combo killings to collect. Play now

Conor Martin's RV Mayhem

Play Conor Martin's RV Mayhem game

Conor's been partying in the Dental RV while his parents are out. But they'll be back any minute! Play now

LA Traffic Mayhem

Play LA Traffic Mayhem game

Stop cribbing about traffic! Control it! Play now