Match-3 games

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The Werewolf Diaries

Play The Werewolf Diaries game

In the game of The Werewolf Diaries time is working against you as the skulls slowly move down forcing the player to quickly strategize a way to destroy Play now


Play BeJee game

Swap adjacent smiles to create rows of 3 or more identical smiles. Play now

Bottom Decorator

Play Bottom Decorator game

We've got a bottom area, suitable for diving, but it is absolutely empty... Let's decorate it! Play now


Play Longer game

The game purpose to clear all cells. Press and keeping the left button of the mousenconnect in one chainnof 3 or more items. Play now

Diving Adventure

Play Diving Adventure game

It is an interesting twist of match-3 mechanics with 4 different level types (collection, hunt, time challenge, exploration dive) and a free puzzle mode Play now

Wrong Block

Play Wrong Block game

Try the new way to play match-3 puzzles - we've rejected a classic model where you have to swap pieces and have created the new one with a single cl Play now


Play BioGems game

Mochi Media is proud to present this fast-paced action fighter with match-3 gameplay! Play now

Jewel Match

Play Jewel Match game

Match the Jewel triplets to fuse them and score. Play now

Fashion Story

Play Fashion Story game

Play as Mia – the owner of the Fashion Agency – and help all the girls find their own style! Play now