lights games

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Play Triple

Play Play Triple game

Similar to Lights-Out this game objective is to unify all the tiles on the board to have the same image on them. Either unify the board to contains Appl Play now

Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis

Play Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis game

The Dibbles return once again, but this time our King is on a new Christmas themed mission. Play now

Traffic Blitz

Play Traffic Blitz game

You are an officer who has the sole goal in life to direct traffic. There are no traffic lights at the intersection you have been assigned. Play now


Play Hexon game

Hexon is a mind-bending puzzler - light the whole board in as few moves as possible. Play now

Jigsaw: Fireworks

Play Jigsaw: Fireworks game

Happy New Year! A new year an new opportunities. Play now

Coal Delivery

Play Coal Delivery game

Coal delivery! Play as St Nick and Elf to deliver all of the presents before xmas! Merry Christmas and have fun! Play now

Christmas Tree Deco

Play Christmas Tree Deco game

Christmas is fast approaching and in every home around the world there should be a nice Christmas Tree decorated to show your holiday spirit. Play now

Jigsaw: Manhattan Gate

Play Jigsaw: Manhattan Gate game

Manhattan in the dark in a frame made of lights. Play now

Traffic Away

Play Traffic Away game

You are in control of the traffic. Make sure no accidents occur on your watch. Get points by getting the vehicles to pass through the road safely. Play now

Jigsaw: East River Night

Play Jigsaw: East River Night game

Pretty scenery down by the East River. Play now

Blackout Blocks

Play Blackout Blocks game

Blackout blocks is a great brain teasing puzzle game, with new levels every time you play. Solve each level by turning off all the lights. Play now

Jigsaw: Midtown Night

Play Jigsaw: Midtown Night game

Decorative lights from the city across the water. Play now

Romantic Night Angel

Play Romantic Night Angel game

Eva is fond of acting and she is scheduled to play the role of a romantic angle on stage. Play now


Play Nyos game

Launching missiles, blowing stuff up, and flying in circles, all combined into a single game! Play now

Movie Date Dress Up

Play Movie Date Dress Up game

Emily has a date tonight. Her date is waiting for her at the movies. Play now