leaf games

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Autumn leaf

Play Autumn leaf game

Autumn leaf, autumn leaf, you're in mid-winter dream. Play now

Frozen Leaf Jigsaw

Play Frozen Leaf Jigsaw game

Brrrr it's cold, winter is here.. The winter can give us lovely images, like this one. Play now

Jigsaw: Pink Tree

Play Jigsaw: Pink Tree game

Autumn tree in lovely pink colors. Play now

Bee's New Home

Play Bee's New Home game

Bee dont want traditional home, she wants to build a new home of leaves, help her to collect leaves. Play now

Jigsaw: Raccoons

Play Jigsaw: Raccoons game

Raccoons guarding you garbage. Play now

Jigsaw: Palm Trees

Play Jigsaw: Palm Trees game

Palm trees at the beach. Play now

Cursed Dream

Play Cursed Dream game

A leaf was sleeping the day away. Play now

Witch Girl Rikitty

Play Witch Girl Rikitty game

Help Rikitty use her flying broomstick & magic wand to defeat the evil witch! Play now


Play Totoño game

In this game you have to blow some leaves that fall down from a tree. Play now

Green Water Snake

Play Green Water Snake game

Green Water Snake Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Click to Mix and Solve. Play now

Jigsaw: Leaf Detail

Play Jigsaw: Leaf Detail game

close up on a bright green leaf. This is a hard puzzle. What is your best score? Play now

Jigsaw: Yellow Leaves

Play Jigsaw: Yellow Leaves game

Beautiful autumn colored leafs. Play now