kissing games

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Basketball Kissing

Play Basketball Kissing game

Play Basketball Kissing where after winning the basketball match he is trying to kiss the cheerleader who is his girl friend but photographer and other p Play now

Nurse Kissing

Play Nurse Kissing game

The sexy nurse is loved by every doctor and patient, they always try to approach her. Play now

New Year's Eve Kissing

Play New Year's Eve Kissing game

Jim went out with his girl friend on new year, he wants to kiss her but there are lot of disturbance..your job is to help them to kiss. Play now

Kiss Christmas Kiss

Play Kiss Christmas Kiss game

Kiss your girlfriend at Christmas Time Play now

Christmas Love Kiss

Play Christmas Love Kiss game

Kiss your girlfriend at Christmas Time Play now

The Power Couple

Play The Power Couple game

This all-star celebrity couple has been getting nothing but good news since they started dating. Play now

Romantic Christmas Kissing

Play Romantic Christmas Kissing game

Shelly and Mark are getting ready for their First Christmas Date, Help them to complete it. Without others disturbing them. Play now

Fatmagulu Op

Play Fatmagulu Op game

Kissing Game. Mouse left click on couple for kissing. Play now

Beach Date

Play Beach Date game

Today is the sunny day, the couple will have a romantic kissing on the beach, Beach Date is really perfect! Play now

Lovely Bunnies

Play Lovely Bunnies game

These lovely bunnies have fallen in love with each other, but there are always people getting in the way of their kissing fun. Play now

Kissing Couple Dressup

Play Kissing Couple Dressup game

Avez-vous déjà essayé des robes? Play now

Mid Night Kiss

Play Mid Night Kiss game

Kiss your girlfriend in different places in midnight, either you are in Night Club, in Car and dropping her at home dont miss a single chance to kiss her Play now

Our First Kiss

Play Our First Kiss game

You want your first kiss to be romantic, and there's nothing more romantic than a long walk on the beach as the sun sets beside you. Play now

Bus Stop Kissing

Play Bus Stop Kissing game

Don't get caught kissing your new love at the bus stop. The prying eyes of strangers are everywhere and always judging. Play now

Halloween Kiss

Play Halloween Kiss game

Level 1: help the vampires, kiss each other without their big devil knowledge. Play now

Kittens Love

Play Kittens Love game

These cute kittens are in love and they want to spend some time together. Play now

Referee Romance

Play Referee Romance game

This referee and player are trying to have a romantic relationship, but if anyone were to find out about it, then they would be in big trouble! Play now

Romantic Kissing

Play Romantic Kissing game

Romantic Kissing is a very nice kissing game. This couple, Jack and Kate, are in love and they want to kiss, but nobody should see it. Play now

Opposites Attract

Play Opposites Attract game

This businessman and emo girl just met at a nightclub, but they love hanging out and talking, so it's just a matter of time before they kiss. Play now

Office Kissing

Play Office Kissing game

These two office mates would like to kiss while working. But they are repeatedly interrupted by their colleagues who spy on them. Play now

Detention Makeout Session

Play Detention Makeout Session game

You were sent to detention for making out in class, and here you are again about to make out during detention! Play now