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Galactic 123 Koraru

Play Galactic 123 Koraru game

An action anime / scifi videogame. Captain Galwraith was into some big space combat last episode. Now he has been forced to land into planet Koraru. Play now

Galactic 123 Frontline

Play Galactic 123 Frontline game

Galactic 123 Frontline - This game features an anime styled science fiction story where two old friends part ways and end up in rival factions. Play now

Speedy maze

Play Speedy maze game

quick maze sequel Play now

Rainbow arkanoid

Play Rainbow arkanoid game

An amazing arkanoid style game with multi ball feature made by コードはめっちゃ汚いよ! ブロックの数465*100 がんばってクリアしてください Play now

Color The Candy

Play Color The Candy game

Color The Candy - In this game, kids can color the candy any way they want. Pick colors from the palette and click on parts of the candy. Play now

Tic Tac Toe Grape

Play Tic Tac Toe Grape game

Tic Tac Toe Grape - Play with mouse. Features 1 player mode and 2 player modes. It has highscores. Play now

Tic Tac Toe Apple

Play Tic Tac Toe Apple game

A simple tic tac toe game. The classic puzzle game. Features 1 player and 2 players modes. Play with mouse. Play now

Shoot The Soda Cans

Play Shoot The Soda Cans game

Shoot as many soda cans as you can, and get the highest score. Can you do better than the other players? Aim and fire with mouse. Play now

Quickshot Stickmen

Play Quickshot Stickmen game

Quickshot Stickmen - Tired of poorly drawn stickmen around the web? Here is your chance to take revenge! Play now

Carolina Sandoval in Rio

Play Carolina Sandoval in Rio game

Carolina Sandoval in Rio - Carolina Sandoval is now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Find her. To play, click on her with mouse. Play now

Carolina Sandoval in Paris

Play Carolina Sandoval in Paris game

Find Carolina Sandoval in Paris. You need to find her on the screen and click on her to proceed to the next screen. Be careful, though. Play now

Uncover Candy

Play Uncover Candy game

Uncover Candy. Use Mouse. Kids games. Play now