food games

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Feed the Animals

Play Feed the Animals game

Use your cannon to feed cute animals and put them to sleep. Play now

Hungry Hungry Pizza

Play Hungry Hungry Pizza game

You’re feeling really hungry for…for…PIZZA! But today is free pizza day and everyone is going to be there. Will you be able to get a pizza? Play now

Jigsaw: Fresh Vegetables

Play Jigsaw: Fresh Vegetables game

Fresh fruit and vegetables in many different colors. Play now

Cat vs Rats

Play Cat vs Rats game

The rats have a plan to attack the fridge. Play now

Dinner Pizza Maker

Play Dinner Pizza Maker game

Click the icons on the sides to see all the options, then pick what toppings going to be on your pizza for dinner tonight. Play now

Merry Christmas Cake Decoration

Play Merry Christmas Cake Decoration game

It's Christmas time, create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes as well. Play now

Coffee Time Decoration

Play Coffee Time Decoration game

It’s coffee time! Let us decorate the place before our friends come. Prepare coffee and snacks for them. Play now

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Play Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich game

This delicious ice cream cookie sandwich will make your mouth water with its creamy delicious goodness! What will you add to this customizable dessert? Play now

Jigsaw: Table And Glass

Play Jigsaw: Table And Glass game

Table setting with wine glasses on a white table cloth. Play now

Papa's Wingeria

You're in charge of Papa's Wingeria, where you'll need to take orders, fry up wings and things in the fryers, toss your wings in Papa' Play now

My Dishes

Play My Dishes game

Adults always say don't play with food, but I guess it is acceptable if you will play with it in games for girls! Play now

Let's tuck in!!

Play Let's tuck in!! game

The game goal is to feed enough the poor Mogiz, a small creature that must be nourished by the food present on the screen. Play now

Food Safety Tic Tac Toe Trivia

Play Food Safety Tic Tac Toe Trivia game

Diviértete con este juego de tic tac toe y contesta las preguntas de trivia para aprender cómo mantener a tu familia aún más a salvo del envenenamiento p Play now

Delicious Foods Differences

Play Delicious Foods Differences game

Magic spot difference games with 5 levels. Spot 7 differences between the two pictures of the delicous foods. Play now

Chocolate strawberry birthday cake

Play Chocolate strawberry birthday cake game

It's time to cook for everybody. Cook a delicious chocolate strawberry birthday cake and make it fast because you have to reach every level. Play now

Burger Maker Deluxe

Play Burger Maker Deluxe game

Create a delicious burger with all the cool toppings. You can save your burger and share with your friends. Play now

Jigsaw: Egg Hamburger

Play Jigsaw: Egg Hamburger game

Perfect little hamburger with eggs instead of cheese. Play now

Snake Pathway

Play Snake Pathway game

Build the longest and fastest Snake Pathway! Play now

Catfish Fry

Play Catfish Fry game

It's time to Fish and to Fry! Try to catch 30 catfish before the timer runs out! Swap baits, cast in your line and try for the "big cat"! Play now


Play Metamorphosis game

One day, I woke up transformed, I can’t recognize my body. Have I lost all my friends and loved ones? Play now

Christmas Gingerbread House

Play Christmas Gingerbread House game

I want to decorate a gingerbread house as a Christmas gift for my best friend. Would you like to join me? Play now