falling games

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Play Falling game

You’re falling forever, the only thing you can do now is try your best to make the most of it by dodging everything! How many levels can you win? Play now

Skull Skull Fall

Play Skull Skull Fall game

Stack the skulls in groups of 3 or more to make them disappear. Careful, don't let them rise above the safe area. Have fun. Play now

Bubble Blast Redux

Play Bubble Blast Redux game

Bubble Blast is back and in 3D! Play now

XMas Falling

Play XMas Falling game

Help Santa Claus to collect all the gingerbread man from the Grinch launched within a minute of time. achieves the highest score possible! Play now

Falling Fruit

Play Falling Fruit game

Create 3 or more fruits in a row (diagonally or orthogonally). Play now

Money Money Money!

Play Money Money Money! game

Help the sweet Piggy to earn the coins falling from the sky! Play now

Hairless Heads

Play Hairless Heads game

Save the hairless heads, because they have nothing to protect their heads. Play now

Falling Vase Heads

Play Falling Vase Heads game

Vase are falling on the heads destroy them. Play now

Save Dirty Heads

Play Save Dirty Heads game

Dirty heads may be dirty, but save them, rocks are falling on them. Play now

Catching Baby Birdz

Play Catching Baby Birdz game

Baby birds are falling down, they have to be saved. Play now


Play ROYGBIV game

Maneuver your kaleidoscopic orb, evade oncoming hazards, collect upgrades, and more, within this fast paced-hyperactive and certainly addictive game. Play now


Play T-EX game

Insanely fast tetris game, how long can you survive? 疯狂的方块游戏,你能撑多久? Play now

Hungry Beast

Play Hungry Beast game

The Hungry Beast is really, what else... hungry! Eating is his pleasure! Play now

Two Marbles

Play Two Marbles game

Drop Marbles and create groups of 3 or more. Play now

Save the Monkey!

Play Save the Monkey! game

Quickly! Our monkey friend needs your help! He got himself into trouble and the only way to save him is to find the hidden words. Play now

Falling Star

Play Falling Star game

Guide a falling star on it's descent to Earth. Collect stardust but don't fall off the screen or hit a moon. Play now

Satellite Falling Avoider

Play Satellite Falling Avoider game

Save the earth from satellites fall. Use spacebar to explode all satellites before fall to earth. Play now

Fruity Fruit

Play Fruity Fruit game

Short score game for everyone. Short and FUN. Play now

Falling Guru

Play Falling Guru game

As a great falling guru your mission in this game should be very simple: jump over platforms and reach the bottom of the cave by falling down through it! Play now


Play Fyoozd game

Destroy as many lines of 2 or 3 electrical generators on the grid as you can in one minute. Play now

Warehouse Bricks

Play Warehouse Bricks game

Drop down bricks and fill the crates in your Warehouse with full lines. Play now