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Ultimate Word Search

Play Ultimate Word Search game

Why to have millions of word search games, when you can have them all in one game? Play now

Blockage 2

Play Blockage 2 game

In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored squares that need to be carefully positioned in order to fill color gaps. Play now

Skullhunter - ricochet

Play Skullhunter - ricochet game

Richicet your arrows and try to complete 30 chalanging levels! Create and share levels with other players! Play now

Skid Racers 2

Play Skid Racers 2 game

This is the sequel to the most amazing slot racer game on the internet. It is fast, full of action and cotains a whole tournament. Play now

Color Hex

Play Color Hex game

Puzzle game that is easy to pick, but can introduce really hard levels. Play now

Magic Muffin Frog

Play Magic Muffin Frog game

Jump through 30 levels to get to lick the magic muffin. The gourmet frog wants to taste it! Contains an editor. Play now

King of Sweden 2

Play King of Sweden 2 game

The King has spent all his money, but he still wants to go to a gentlemen's party. Play now

Blow Things Up! 2

Play Blow Things Up! 2 game

The Things are back and it's your job to blow them up! Play now

Purple Invaders Chinese

Play Purple Invaders Chinese game

Remove the Purple Invaders in this addictive Red Remover inspired physics puzzles. You can create your own levels and browse many custom levels. Play now

Drop Dead 3

Play Drop Dead 3 game

The King has been kidnapped, so DROP DEAD! Fling ragdolls and watch them explode once again. Play now