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Ocio Gaming is for sale! If you are interested in purchasing this website, please get in touch here

2nd Grade Math Addition

Play 2nd Grade Math Addition game

Addition Math for 2nd Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids. Play now

Slime Eater

Play Slime Eater game

You’re really sick with slime flu…the only way the doctor told you to get better is to eat all the blue slime that come out of your nose and keep everyth Play now

Angry Valentines Day

Play Angry Valentines Day game

The Angry Valentine Monsters will soon take over the world! The only one who can now stop them is YOU! Play now

Escape!!! The Haunted House

Play Escape!!! The Haunted House game

Timmy and his friends were playing around a haunted house one day and Kim and her friend came over to play. Play now

Green Cloud Smasher

Play Green Cloud Smasher game

Green Cloud Runner is a Ball your Fist-Up, Pounding, Busting, Braking, Smashing Action Game. Exciting, Addicting and a New Fast Action Smashing Game! Def Play now

Worm Massacre

Play Worm Massacre game

The moles have been at war with the worms of Wormonia for several years and it is about time they unleash their rath on the worms. Play now

Diamond Snatcher

Play Diamond Snatcher game

You have been sent on a mission by your boss to snatch the rare and precious diamond, but you have to get through the maze and defeat the obstacles in yo Play now

Clown Squirt

Play Clown Squirt game

Shoot the clown in the mouth. Play now

Puppy Rescue

Play Puppy Rescue game

The rampant dog criminal had struck again, but this time he messed with the wrong girl. Play now

Death to Cerebus

Play Death to Cerebus game

Travel through the maze to defeat the evil three headed dog Cerebus. Help your town and become the hero in the game 'Death to Cerebus". Play now

Cute Fish Escape

Play Cute Fish Escape game

After analyzing the ocean and the aquatic creatures oceanographers discovered a rare and beautiful fish that they want to investigate more. Play now

Crazy Chicken Crossing

Play Crazy Chicken Crossing game

Every summer Ol' Farmer Henry's farm experiences a severe alligator issue which in result causes a shortage in chickens. Play now

Sweet House Hidden Numbers

Play Sweet House Hidden Numbers game

Sweet House Hidden Numbers is a game made for kids but is fun for everyone. Play now

Super Tiny Leap

Play Super Tiny Leap game

Super Tiny Leap is a Super Addictive Game wwhich asks the Super Important Question : How far a tiny robot can climb with the help of a skillful player ? Play now

Zombie Smasher

Play Zombie Smasher game

Smash Zombies too survive this intense time trial! A quick fast paced game to keep you on your toes!! Play now

Horizon Rider

Ride your motorcycle and avoid the other racers in Horizon Rider, a classic arcade style racer from nonSoft and nonsoft.net, the makers of the Drag Rally Play now

The Everybody-Should-be-Able-to-Pass Test

Play The Everybody-Should-be-Able-to-Pass Test game

See if you can pass this easy test. My first ever Flash/AS3 game, so don't expect anything overly fancy. Play now

Race Duel

Play Race Duel game

In Race Duel you can duel against the CPU opponent over five different race tracks and compete for the best lap time on five different worldwide leaderbo Play now

Drag Rally 2 Flash Demo

The procedurally-generated racing franchise from nonSoft gets a Flash game demo! Play now

Christmas Day

Play Christmas Day game

Click and drag a row of items, forming groups of three or more stones. Collecting 100 items will take you to the next level. Play now

Christmas Memo

Play Christmas Memo game

Locate matching blocks diagonally, vertically or horizontally. You get to the next level once all blocks are cleared. Play now