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Play Bloodlands game

Bloodlands is a third person shooter inspired by the classic action shooters. Play now

Absolute Mayhem

Play Absolute Mayhem game

Absolute Mayhem is the sequence to the famous 3D third person shooter for the Flash platform, Total Mayhem. Play now

Total Mayhem

Play Total Mayhem game

Enter this gigantic evil castle and search for the philosofer's stone, stolen by Parallax, a devil pursuing the destruction of the world. Play now

Terror na Favela

Play Terror na Favela game

The violence spilling out of Brazil's slums or 'favelas' has made the country's two major cities more dangerous than most war zones. Play now

Special Ops

Play Special Ops game

Prepare yourself for some heavy action as the last member of a special operations team sent to a slum, in order to end the trafficking operations of a lo Play now