diamond games

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Diamond Snatcher

Play Diamond Snatcher game

You have been sent on a mission by your boss to snatch the rare and precious diamond, but you have to get through the maze and defeat the obstacles in yo Play now


Play 4Diamonds game

Bad guy tries to steal King's diamonds. Don't allow him to get to the diamonds. Play now

Christmas Diamond room escape

Play Christmas Diamond room escape game

Explore Christmas Diamond room, solve all puzzles to obtain 4 hidden diamonds, then use key to escape Play now

Get Gold

Play Get Gold game

Get Gold Game Play now

Gem chain

Play Gem chain game

Classic match two game with diamond theme, click on matching gems to score points! Play now

Know your Jewels

Play Know your Jewels game

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Will you also recognize many of the other precious earthly riches? Play now

Blocks and Stars

Play Blocks and Stars game

Fun match three game! Click on groups of three or more blocks to remove them. Play now

Gem's Home

Play Gem's Home game

And two adjacent two or more stones can be removed, you must complete the game within the stipulated time. Play now

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2

Play Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 game

From developer TeraLumina, comes the sequel to Diamond Penthouse Escape. Play now

Dino Duet

Play Dino Duet game

Help Goro and Riko find the dino eggs and diamonds in the Lost Dino Island. Become a great Dino Duet Partner :) Play now

Cosmic Fisher

Play Cosmic Fisher game

Steadily aim your cannon, launch the harpoon and reel in the valuables, but watch out for space pirates! Play now

Ruby Loft Escape

Play Ruby Loft Escape game

Here we go again; stuck in a strange loft. There are rubies all around. Can you find a way out and leave with all the rubies? Play now

Sapphire Room Escape

Play Sapphire Room Escape game

Once again you find yourself stuck in a strange room. There are sapphires all around. Can you find a way out and leave with all the sapphires? Play now

Match 3 Neon

Play Match 3 Neon game

Match the neon's, gain points and level up. How far can you get? Play now

Diamond Chess

Play Diamond Chess game

Click a diamond and then a lattice. If there is at least one way for the diamond going to the lattice, then the diamond will be moved to this lattice. Play now


Play Diamond$ game

Addictive match 3 game. Smooth and challenging! Play now

Pearl Breaking

Play Pearl Breaking game

Destroy all the pearls by clicking them in groups of the same type. Magic wand has magic power of destroying single pearls, you can get only five magi Play now

Diamond Shift

Play Diamond Shift game

Destroy the diamonds by clicking same type groups with at least 3 diamonds. If you destroy a group with at least 15 diamonds, then you can get a bomb! Play now

Crazy Diamond

Play Crazy Diamond game

Click To Bring Down Diamonds! Play now