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Bake n' Decorate

Play Bake n' Decorate game

Bake your own cake from scratch and start decorating your own cake with several animated environments and toppings to choose from! Play now

Escape To Christmas Dance Party

Play Escape To Christmas Dance Party game - Christmas Dance Party escape. Play now

Beach Restaurant

Play Beach Restaurant game

The summer is the best season in the year. Everybody goes on holiday, and the beaches are full. They all want to relax and have a great time. Play now

Special Burger

Play Special Burger game

Create a delicious burger in the fun cooking game, Special burger. Start with the basic bun, hamburger patty and some lettuce. Play now

Sumptuous Chocolate Design

Play Sumptuous Chocolate Design game

Cute and delicate chocolate can help you express your love. Valentine's Day is approaching. Design your favorite chocolate for you beloved. Play now

Crazy Birthday Cake

Play Crazy Birthday Cake game

Celebrate your birthday with a big birthday party with all your friends and family, it's one special day in which you must have fun! Play now

Epic Gingerbread House

Play Epic Gingerbread House game

Delicious gingerbread, candies, chocolate and cream, do you love them? Play now

Delicious Vegetable Tacos

Play Delicious Vegetable Tacos game

Do you want to eat delicious tacos? Come to cook it, fresh vegetable, baked sausage and tempting corn. Play now

Happy Newyear Cake

Play Happy Newyear Cake game

Newyear is coming.This happy season means it's the busy cooking time too. Help your parents make a delicious and decorative newyear cake. Play now

Christmas Gingerbread House

Play Christmas Gingerbread House game

I want to decorate a gingerbread house as a Christmas gift for my best friend. Would you like to join me? Play now

House Pizza For Obama

Play House Pizza For Obama game

Ever wanted to cook something special for the president of United States? Well now you can have some fun preparing a tasty pizza for Obama. Play now

Barbecued Lamb Patties

Play Barbecued Lamb Patties game

Barbecued Lamb Patties is a great healthy alternative to the traditional hamburger. Have you ever wanted to get good at barbecue recipe? Play now

Gingerbread House Cake

Play Gingerbread House Cake game

This Christmas, you can have some fun in the kitchen. Play now

Hummingbird Cake

Play Hummingbird Cake game

Debby loves cooking delicious cakes. She succeeded in cooking a new kind cake-- hummingbird cake. It is too delicious and sweet to resist. Play now

Christmas Cake

Play Christmas Cake game

Christmas is almost here, and you need to get ready for it. Clean up your house, decorate the Christmas tree and your house. Play now

Sweet Chocolate Fruit Pie

Play Sweet Chocolate Fruit Pie game

Delicious and pretty dessert is completely irresistible. Now, follow me to design your own sweet pie. Play now

Tasty Pizza Decorating

Play Tasty Pizza Decorating game

We all love to eat pizza and for the topping of this delicious dish, each one of us has their favorite ingredients. Play now

Cooking Wedding Cake

Play Cooking Wedding Cake game

Do you have the skills of a cooking chef? In this game you can prove it! Play now

Asian Garlic Toast

Play Asian Garlic Toast game

Cook this delicious Asian garlic toast by mixing all the ingredients and baking the bread. Play now

Delicious Minestrone Soup

Play Delicious Minestrone Soup game

Delicious Minestrone Soup is very popular. It contains fresh vegetables, carrot, brown onion, tomatoes and so on. Its cooking is very easy. Play now

Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey

Play Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey game

Want to make this thanksgiving a memorable one? Let's cook thanksgiving turkey for your dear ones like a professional chef. Play now