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City Smile Christmas

Play City Smile Christmas game

Send gifts and make smiles happy is this fun strategy game! Play now


Play Catgame game

You are a cat. Your owner tried to eat you, but you managed to escape. Run away for as long as you can. Play now

City Smile

Play City Smile game

Spread your emotions and capture all unhappy smileys to win in this fun real-time strategy! Play now

Zone Control

Play Zone Control game

Battle against red to dominate the map. Capture zones to produce units and spread across more territories. Play now


Play CTRL game

Collect Power Ups to change the behaviour of the enemies in order to destroy a city full of deadly machines Play now

Watch Out!

Play Watch Out! game

A simple one day game I created. It starts out simple, but gets more complex. Play now

Inverse Maze 2

Play Inverse Maze 2 game

This game is classic Maze Game with inverse control Play now

Volcano Flight Control

Play Volcano Flight Control game

It’s about to explode! And you are in command! Play now

Heli Crashers

Play Heli Crashers game

You have to bring helicopters savely from one end of the screen to the other. Play now

Air Control

Play Air Control game

American embassy has been bombed by terrorist airplanes, There are still more on their way to destruction as well, Shoot them out of the sky before they Play now

Train Traffic Control

Play Train Traffic Control game

Manage multiple trains and their tracks! Play now