coin games

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Fear Less!

Play Fear Less! game

A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Play now

Coin Shooter

Play Coin Shooter game

How many points can you earn in 30 seconds? Shoot the coins and find out! Play now

Money Money Money!

Play Money Money Money! game

Help the sweet Piggy to earn the coins falling from the sky! Play now

Kastle Koins

Play Kastle Koins game

Zebub stole Kobalt’s magic feathers and took his gold. Help Kobalt reclaim his treasure across 20 courses and a boss battle showdown. Play now

Police Rescue

Play Police Rescue game

Help this police to rescue the coins. Buy upgrades and capture the truck. Play now

Blitz Blaster

Play Blitz Blaster game

Aliens! Space! Bombs! Gems! Upgrades! Play now

An Underwater Escape

Play An Underwater Escape game

Escape the evil creatures of the deep by using your arrow keys. Pick up treasure and ride some dolphins also! Play now

Black Sea Treasure

Play Black Sea Treasure game

Collect coins and match sea items in this extremely addicting and fun match three game! Match three objects to remove them. Play now

Coin Catcher

Play Coin Catcher game

At the poor celebrate where so many poor people trying to get coin as they can, and all rich people make a donate for the poor people. Play now

The Legend of Phoenix

Play The Legend of Phoenix game

An easy to play score/coin collector game, The game environment has the myth of Phoenix Goal: You will have to eat certain number of target food in Play now

Bitcoin Miner

Play Bitcoin Miner game

You are on a mission to mine asteroids for precious Bitcoins. Play now

Dwarfs dungeon

Play Dwarfs dungeon game

Defend dwarfs dungeon from evil monsters. Kill monsters with axes, pick up potions and gold. Upgrade your dwarf. Use arrows or A and D for movement. Play now

Puzzle Zoo Score Attack

Play Puzzle Zoo Score Attack game

Help the zoo keeper round up those cute cuddly critters!!! Play now

Pirates Treasure

Play Pirates Treasure game

Help the pirates gather they treasures Play now

The Ball

Play The Ball game

Save red ball from evil cannons. Play now

Evader Arena

Play Evader Arena game

You must collect coins while avoiding enemy attacks. There are 15 arenas that you can choose. Play now