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7 Wonders of the World

Play 7 Wonders of the World game

Discover the Seven Wonders of the World in this match 3 game with 3 game modes. Play now

Click Adventure

Play Click Adventure game

Click the left mouse button within the game area to control your character. Play now

Hidden Kana vol.1

Play Hidden Kana vol.1 game

Search the beautiful scenery of Japan for hidden Kana language characters. The Kana covered in this lesson are the first 5 basic set. A, E, I, O, and U. Play now

Traffic Blitz

Play Traffic Blitz game

You are an officer who has the sole goal in life to direct traffic. There are no traffic lights at the intersection you have been assigned. Play now

Pin The Paper

Play Pin The Paper game

Papers are scattered by the wind. pin them down. Play now

Clickazoid 2

Play Clickazoid 2 game

Clickazoid 2 is the sequel to the popular clickazoid puzzle game. More levels and dynamic challenges to win. Play now

Sneak Thief 4

Play Sneak Thief 4 game

Sneak Thief 4 is a point and click puzzle game, in which you take the role of a sneaky thief looking to steal plans of different inventions. Play now


Play ClickBall game

Click on the ball as many times as you can! Play now

Christmas - Reindeer Rainbow Run

Play Christmas - Reindeer Rainbow Run game

Help the Reindeer Collect Rainbow Candy Canes! Play now

Aqua Pop

Play Aqua Pop game

Set the fish free by clicking the bubbles before they reach the surface! Play now

Save Little Birdies

Play Save Little Birdies game

Little birdies are in their nests save them. Play now

Save The Party

Play Save The Party game

Partying gifts may be destroyed if you will not save them. Play now

Hairless Heads

Play Hairless Heads game

Save the hairless heads, because they have nothing to protect their heads. Play now

Stonned Pumpkins

Play Stonned Pumpkins game

Pumpkins are being stonned, save them. Play now

Missiled City

Play Missiled City game

City is being missiled. Save the city. Play now

Anti Santa

Play Anti Santa game

You are anti santa. Dont let the kids have their gifts. Play now

Falling Vase Heads

Play Falling Vase Heads game

Vase are falling on the heads destroy them. Play now

Save Dirty Heads

Play Save Dirty Heads game

Dirty heads may be dirty, but save them, rocks are falling on them. Play now

Eggs vs Bricks

Play Eggs vs Bricks game

Eggs are to be saved from the bricks. Play now

Inject The Babies

Play Inject The Babies game

Inject the sick babies, so that they can get well soon. Play now

Annoying Funky Faces

Play Annoying Funky Faces game

Annoying funky faces will annoy you as long as they are arround. Play now