cannon games

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Feed the Animals

Play Feed the Animals game

Use your cannon to feed cute animals and put them to sleep. Play now

Arrow in the Knee: The Game

Play Arrow in the Knee: The Game game

Knee shooter bow and arrow game based on the funny internet meme! Play now

Mars Cannon

Play Mars Cannon game

While exploring planet Mars you notice unusual activities. Play now


Play Prototype:Cannon game

prototype:cannon Play now

Hollowed Ground

Play Hollowed Ground game

Defend the fort from the undead hordes. Play now

Dirty Eggs

Play Dirty Eggs game

Dirty eggs are everywhere. Take them down. Play now

Pinging Balloons

Play Pinging Balloons game

Pinging balloons are annoying everybody, stop them by hitting them. Play now

Pirate Encounters

Play Pirate Encounters game

Yar Har Har mighty pirates! Challange your mates on an epic treasure hunt and locate the most chests full of wealth and be THE pirate! Let's sail! Play now

Bubbly Poppy

Play Bubbly Poppy game

Big bubbles are annoying people. Take the cannon and shoot them. Shoot the bubbles collect the items Use the arrow keys to move the cannon. Play now

Insect Attack TD 0.98

Play Insect Attack TD 0.98 game

Tower Defense. You must kill crazy insects. Play now

Mad Bombs 2

Play Mad Bombs 2 game

Bombs have broken cannon! But the work should be done! Play now

Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2

Play Halloween Pumpkin Launch 2 game

It's Halloween time again. You have to launch the mighty pumpkin to destroy in your way as many Halloween characters as possible. Play now

Tire Buster

Play Tire Buster game

Bust colored tires, complete the 14 unique achievements and become the ultimate TireBuster! Enjoy! Play now

To escape the labyrinth

Play To escape the labyrinth game

cannon shoot you,you should escape the maze quickly. Play now

Missile Gunner

Play Missile Gunner game

Old school Missile Command with new look. Shoot your rockets at incoming missiles. Survive round 10 to get the bonus round and see how long you can last. Play now


Play BalliePutt game

Shoot all the Ballies in this fun casual cannon based physics game. Play through all 30 levels and get your high score! Play now

Revenge of Powder Monkey

Play Revenge of Powder Monkey game

You have been sailing in the Ocean of Fire near the Great Volcano looking for treasure when suddenly you notice that the Pirates of the Ever Night have b Play now

Grenade Gunner

Play Grenade Gunner game

Grenade Gunner allows you to participate in world war 2 as a grenade gunner. Use direct shots or ambience to kill enemies. Play now

Mushroom Cannon 3

Play Mushroom Cannon 3 game

Mushroom Cannon is back! Simply move mouse to adjust the angle and power of your cannon, then click to fire the mushroom. Play now

Crazy Cannon

Play Crazy Cannon game

Shoot your chosen cannon fodder as far as you can! Play now

Sandcastle: ancient invasion

Play Sandcastle: ancient invasion game

Defend your kingdom from the invading mythological ships! Collect coins to buy bananas, plasticine and other crazy weapons. Play now