brain games

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Summer Carnival

Play Summer Carnival game

Summer Carnival is an awesome entertainer and brain teaser for kids, children and even challenge loving youngsters. Play now

Shotgun vs Zombies

Play Shotgun vs Zombies game

Upgrade your gun & kill all zombies... Play now

Collapsed Wooden House escape

Play Collapsed Wooden House escape game

Collapsed Wooden House is point and click escape the room type game, where task is to explore Collased Wooden House, find items like 11 amulets, spheres, Play now


Play Trespasser game

Trespasser is a strategy based time limit game, where player needs to reach the destination in minimum time possible. Play now

Frog Crossing

Play Frog Crossing game

Help your Frog to cross the river and access the food. Play now

Mad Shapes 3 ADS

Play Mad Shapes 3 ADS game

Collect all of the shapes in each level by placing identical shapes on the playing field. Play now

Chemical Formulas

Play Chemical Formulas game

You know the common chemical formulas, such as H2O, HCl, NaCl, NaOH, CH4 or C2H5OH ? Play now


Play quickpick game

Quickpick is a simple attention game. Remember the word and find it quickly among others. Play now

Light House

Play Light House game

You think you are smart? Try this puzzle! Play now

Christmas Collapse

Play Christmas Collapse game

Solve Christmas puzzles destroying the blocks of the same color to collapse the rest of them. Play now

Mind Freaker 3

Play Mind Freaker 3 game

Improve your math skills by playing Mind Freaker 3 and enjoy brain storming Play now

Gap Puzzles

Play Gap Puzzles game

Shade in some of the squares in each grid so that there are two shaded squares in every row and column, and shaded squares do not touch, even at corners. Play now

Square Puzzles

Play Square Puzzles game

Fill in the grid with squares (of any size) that do not touch or overlap, even at the corners. Play now

Ancient Bear

Play Ancient Bear game

Help the baby bear from ancient bear. With 30 tested levels :D Hit the ancient bear with the spike ball. Hold mouse and move to cut the strings. Play now

Click Christmas

Play Click Christmas game

Click on 2 identical icons which lie vertically or horizontally next to each other to make them disappear. Make it possible to remove many icon pairs. Play now

Classic Simon Says

Play Classic Simon Says game

Test your brain in this classic memory game! Play now

Adding Fractions

Play Adding Fractions game

Add fractions and create integers. Play now

5 Red Balls and 3 Green Balls

Play 5 Red Balls and 3 Green Balls game

Re-arrange 5 red balls and 3 green balls in the check board in such a way that no two balls of different color falls in the same row horizontally, vertic Play now

Jungle Collapse

Play Jungle Collapse game

Jungle Collapse is a nice "block collapsing" high-scores game with 14 levels of increasing difficulty! Play now


Play Memogrow game

Train your memory with this fascinating game. Remember the cells with pieces and then select them. Play now

I Brain Square

Play I Brain Square game

Just click and draw a line in the game area bounded with grey lines. Play now