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Curio Cannon

Play Curio Cannon game

A funny physics game by Phantom Compass. Aim and fire your voodoo doll with the cannon. Clear each level by smashing gems in as few shots as possible. Play now


Play Cubium game

Game is based on physics laws. The goal is destroying of construction by set of offered tools. Play now

Marble Splash

Play Marble Splash game

Launch marbles across the field splashing paint along the way. Try to clear the screen of marbles in as few shots as you can. Play now

Red Menace 2

Play Red Menace 2 game

The long-awaited continuation of a hit including 33 levels. Your main task - to rescue a red icon, having placed on a yellow platform. Play now

Alien Rescue

Play Alien Rescue game

Game name is "Alien Teleportation". Play now


Play Boxez game

Drop as many gems as possible shooting up to 3 balls at them. Touch the screen or click to shoot. Play now


Play Glasser game

- 5 different tools for more logical destructions - 5 demo levels - full description in the help menu and a short one in the game process - fun lev Play now

Paper Drive

Play Paper Drive game

Drive your paper car in the paper world. Complete all the tracks as fast as possible. Play now

Purple Invaders

Play Purple Invaders game

Purple Invaders is 30 levels of challenging physics puzzles levels and is inspired by Red Remover. Play now

Fanged Fun Level Pack

Play Fanged Fun Level Pack game

You wanted more levels? You got them! New 20 levels for original Fanged Fun. Play now

Hide Snowman

Play Hide Snowman game

Protect the snowman from the hellfire of flying oven in this fascinating winter adventure! Build your rescue strategy by dragging, placing and removing o Play now


Play Ministroy game

Ministroy is a mini vertical shooter. The hero must protect the planet and destroy 20 enemy waves and 4 special bosses. Play now

The Fall

Play The Fall game

Awesome casual physics-based remover game, with 30 levels and achievements. Play now

Monster Truck America

Play Monster Truck America game

Drive your monster truck throught the Grand Canyon, don't let anything to stop you. Win races to get more score, medals. Play now

Physics Cannon

Play Physics Cannon game

Shoot the ball into the target in this fun physics-based game. Play now