box games

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Simple Boxo Slido - EP 1

Play Simple Boxo Slido - EP 1 game

Make slide and touch all box of the same color to clear each level. Play now

Jigsaw: Cans

Play Jigsaw: Cans game

Stacks of metal cans. Wonder what is in them? Play now

Christmas Gift Stacker

Play Christmas Gift Stacker game

Stack christmas gift boxes perfectly on top of each other. stack as many boxes as possible. Play now

Musaic Box

Play Musaic Box game

Test yourself in this unique game of a totally new genre – a hidden objects musical quest. Play now


Play Prototype:Cannon game

prototype:cannon Play now

Box Magnet

Play Box Magnet game

Box Drop Magnetization. See how many boxes you can stop from falling. Play now


Play SpiderPong game

We are all familiar with ping pong, right? Play now

Truck Loader 3

Play Truck Loader 3 game

Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! Play now

Jigsaw: Old Schoolcase

Play Jigsaw: Old Schoolcase game

Old orange suitcase for school children. Play now


Play YOU ARE A BOX game

It isn't easy being a box! Play now


Play Chainlinks game

Normal day and the flammable objects of a small community are living peacefully inside their wooden box. Play now

Box World

Play Box World game

Box World is a logical game with 100 levels. all you have to do is to push boxes to their right place Play now

Speed Pixel Flash

Play Speed Pixel Flash game

Click as much as possible the pixel before the end of time. 5 Click without error more 10 minutes Play now

Super Bingo

Play Super Bingo game

SUPER BINGO is a game of chance. SUPER BINGO is a game in which you mark off numbers on your card as the numbers are randomly drawn. Play now

El Huacho Boxea por la educacion

Play El Huacho Boxea por la educacion game

Help the Chilean Student that fights agains the authorities to get a solution for the education problem. Play now

Laser Sokoban

Play Laser Sokoban game

Push the lasers on the marked spots to activate them. Activate all the lasers but take care, you can not push more than one laser at a time. Play now

SushiBox 2

Play SushiBox 2 game

Wahoo! This is a demo. Play now

Cookie Gift Box

Play Cookie Gift Box game

Fill the boxes with yummy cookies! See how many you can fill before time runs out! Play now

Tuscany Jigsaw Puzzle

Play Tuscany Jigsaw Puzzle game

Tuscany 48 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Play now


Play Fyoozd game

Destroy as many lines of 2 or 3 electrical generators on the grid as you can in one minute. Play now

Christmast Gift Box

Play Christmast Gift Box game

At the Christmas time, the santa clause share so many present to many people, but your job as an burglar, so you should taken the present for your self, Play now