Avoider games

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mobius infinity

Play mobius infinity game

This is a very challenging puzzle avoider game. You play as a blue square, you have to collect all the coins and avoid the red circles to compete the lev Play now

To the Moon

Play To the Moon game

Avoid the flesh-eating stars. Complete with other players to get the longest time avoiding the stars. Play now


Play Belt game

Venture into the dangerous asteroid belt!! Play now

A Bat Triggered The Sensor That Activates The Defense System

Play A Bat Triggered The Sensor That Activates The Defense System game

A short & sweet avoider type game about guiding a bat through mazes full of deadly obstacles! Play now


Play 4Screens game

4Screens is colorful retro multiplayer game (1-4 players local). This game requires skills and speed. You have 4 screens to watch. Play now

Neon Avoider

Play Neon Avoider game

Simple mouse avoider with on-line highscores Play now


Play Stringy game

Drive Stringy through 40 levels avoiding walls, rotating barriers and lasers, and collect red and yellow stars. Beat levels quickly to gain White Stars, Play now

Color Follower

Play Color Follower game

'Color Follower' is an EXTREMELY challenging abstract puzzle/skill game. You control the red agent with the mouse. Play now


Play Paramecii game

Move Paramecii around screen and avoid pills Play now

Christmas Gifts Chaser

Play Christmas Gifts Chaser game

Steal as many presents as you can! Play now

Monkey Welder

Play Monkey Welder game

You are hired as multi-talented welder, your mission is to finish all task as welder. Remember: Putting your safety first. Play now

Centipede Online

Play Centipede Online game

Use the mouse to pilot your starship to kill as many centipedes as you can. Grab powerups to boost your shots. Highest score is the winner. Play now

Yet another avoider game

Play Yet another avoider game game

Use your mouse. Avoid the enemies and try to eat the food! Play now

Plane Crash Avoider

Play Plane Crash Avoider game

Try to avoid all stones using keyboard arrows before your plane crash. Play now

Avoider 3525

Play Avoider 3525 game

Avoid lasers, pick up chips, collect bonuses to get the highest score. Play now

Physics Avoider

Play Physics Avoider game

Trapped forever in a odd space where the only thing to do is survive and collect jewels. Play now

Speed Oddity

Play Speed Oddity game

Speed Oddity, control SPEED DUDE avoiding what your not supposed to collect. Play now

Bounce Avoider

Play Bounce Avoider game

This game will challenge your ability to read paths of motion. And maybe the excellent graphics and truly awesome colors will thrill you? Play now

Nova Express

Play Nova Express game

Guide your ship through cyberspace, navigating tricky situations and avoiding the ever increasing threat of the Nova Mob. Play now

Damn Rocks

Play Damn Rocks game

A simple avoider game. Avoid the incoming rocks! Play now

Help the Pilot

Play Help the Pilot game

Be carefull with your plane! You need to avoid the birds... They could damage the plane... And make you crash! Play now