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Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Play Prizma Puzzle Challenges game

Prizma Puzzle Challenges is a new tile-based puzzler with the smooth and addicting gameplay, the fabulously 3D rendered graphics and excellent music. Play now

Dream Path

Play Dream Path game

The girl is locked in a nightmare and needs help to find a path out. A puzzle game that contains 16 levels. Play now

N?na, Ha?e F?aith

Play N?na, Ha?e F?aith game

N?na, Ha?e F?aith: is a platformer about being lost and about finding your way back home. is a dimension-swapping puzzle/action game. tells a story ab Play now

Tinman's heart

Play Tinman's heart game

He is a Tin Woodman. He has a great soul... But he has no heart. Play now