Animals games

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Feed the Animals

Play Feed the Animals game

Use your cannon to feed cute animals and put them to sleep. Play now

Orange Cat Adventure

Play Orange Cat Adventure game

Travel through colorful game locations controlling funny Orange Cat! Play now


Play Bearbarians game

Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior? Fight as 4 different classes, give or Play now

Monsters Magic

Play Monsters Magic game

Funny game to make funny cartoons. Discover your favorite magic! Just use the mouse and click on the cartoon. Play now

Kitten Decor

Play Kitten Decor game

Kitties just want to have fun! They are out there to celebrate. Help them redecorate their place for a celebration. Play now

Racing in Africa 2

Play Racing in Africa 2 game

Race and impress the jungle girls in Africa, but be aware of dangers. Play now

Animal Matching Pairs

Play Animal Matching Pairs game

The Animals Matching Pairs increases your cocentration. The objective of the game is to find and match the exact pairs of the hidden pictures. Play now

Panda Adventure

Play Panda Adventure game

This cute panda just got out of the zoo. It is his first time returning to the wild. He’s been in the zoo since he was born. Play now

Wild Animal Pairs

Play Wild Animal Pairs game

Wild Animal Pairs is a versatile game which gives fun to teens and educates the kids. This is a high quality game by Gamesrishti Studios. Play now

Pet That Kitty

Play Pet That Kitty game

Pet all the kitties and don't touch those dirty dogs! Play now

Chinese Zodiac 4: Rabbit

Play Chinese Zodiac 4: Rabbit game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a rabbit from the Chinese Zodiac. Play now

Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse

Play Chinese Zodiac 1: Mouse game

Drawing game to learn and practice how to draw a mouse from the Chinese Zodiac. Play now

Connect Animals

Play Connect Animals game

Help animals find their pairs by connecting them together. The game may have simple rules, but it's more challenging than you can imagine. Play now

Butterfly Jigsaw

Play Butterfly Jigsaw game

This is a beautiful butterfly sitting on a plant, we took this photo and turned into a lovely jigsaw puzzle. Can you solve this puzzle? Play now

Swimming Turtles Jigsaw

Play Swimming Turtles Jigsaw game

These turtles are taking a nice swim in a zoo. Play now

Leopard Jigsaw

Play Leopard Jigsaw game

This is an intense stare down with a Leopard.. Can you solve this puzzle without getting scared? This is a great animal jigsaw puzzle! Play now

Elephant Jigsaw

Play Elephant Jigsaw game

A horde of elephant was rushing by when we took this great photo. We now turned it into a free jigsaw puzzle, can you solve this puzzle? Play now

Worm Massacre

Play Worm Massacre game

The moles have been at war with the worms of Wormonia for several years and it is about time they unleash their rath on the worms. Play now

Panda Jigsaw

Play Panda Jigsaw game

This cute little Panda photo is turned into a jigsaw puzzle for you to solve. Play now

Jigsaw: Horses

Play Jigsaw: Horses game

Horses looking back at you puzzler. Play now

Safari Word Search

Play Safari Word Search game

Go on a wild word safari. Find all 10 safari words in 4:00 or less. Play now