animal games

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Jigsaw: Lookout Lamb

Play Jigsaw: Lookout Lamb game

Cute little lamb exploring the fields. Both high and low. Play now

Jigsaw: Yellow Bird

Play Jigsaw: Yellow Bird game

Little bird with yellow feathers. Play now

Jigsaw: Horse Grassing

Play Jigsaw: Horse Grassing game

Evening meal in front of the barn. The horse is grassing in the sunset. Play now

Jigsaw: Cute Dog

Play Jigsaw: Cute Dog game

Adorably cute dog playing in the grass. Play now

Animals - Classification

Play Animals - Classification game

This game helps children especially to identify the different animal classifications. Play now

Jigsaw: Flamingo 2

Play Jigsaw: Flamingo 2 game

Pink birdie long-legs are out for a walk. Play now

Pet Caring Fun

Play Pet Caring Fun game

Pet caring is fun! Give your pet desire. Every pet owner want their pet to be happy. They need water, food, toys, and time to play. Play now

Kitten Decor

Play Kitten Decor game

Kitties just want to have fun! They are out there to celebrate. Help them redecorate their place for a celebration. Play now

Jigsaw: Little Bird

Play Jigsaw: Little Bird game

Cute little baby bird in the hand of a man. Play now

Butterfly Slide Puzzle

Play Butterfly Slide Puzzle game

Butterfly slide puzzle game Play now

Jigsaw: Mountain Cows

Play Jigsaw: Mountain Cows game

Three black cows up in the mountains eating mountain grass. Play now

Jigsaw: Curious Horse

Play Jigsaw: Curious Horse game

Horses in a pasture in England. One of them was a little bit more curious than the others. Play now

Panda Adventure

Play Panda Adventure game

This cute panda just got out of the zoo. It is his first time returning to the wild. He’s been in the zoo since he was born. Play now

Jigsaw: Orangutan

Play Jigsaw: Orangutan game

Male orangutan resting and thinking. Play now

Tiny Bear Drop

Play Tiny Bear Drop game

The goal of this game is to drop as fast as possible to the ground. Play now

Butterfly Jigsaw

Play Butterfly Jigsaw game

This is a beautiful butterfly sitting on a plant, we took this photo and turned into a lovely jigsaw puzzle. Can you solve this puzzle? Play now

Swimming Turtles Jigsaw

Play Swimming Turtles Jigsaw game

These turtles are taking a nice swim in a zoo. Play now

Llama in your face

Play Llama in your face game

You are the most awesome llama in the zoo! Use your amazing spit powers to defend yourself against hordes of annyoing zoo visitors. Play now

Leopard Jigsaw

Play Leopard Jigsaw game

This is an intense stare down with a Leopard.. Can you solve this puzzle without getting scared? This is a great animal jigsaw puzzle! Play now

Elephant Jigsaw

Play Elephant Jigsaw game

A horde of elephant was rushing by when we took this great photo. We now turned it into a free jigsaw puzzle, can you solve this puzzle? Play now

Panda Jigsaw

Play Panda Jigsaw game

This cute little Panda photo is turned into a jigsaw puzzle for you to solve. Play now