Aliens games

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The Naked Alien

Play The Naked Alien game

Take on the role of a nudist alien explorer as he hops and bops his way through a surreal lunar landscape. Play now

Sticky Blobs

Play Sticky Blobs game

Help Sticky Blobs colony find a fuel for their reactor by spawning new blobs and killing needless blobs. 80 challenging puzzles in 4 worlds! Play now

People on My Lawn 2

Play People on My Lawn 2 game

Sequel of the People on My Lawn with lots of new features, 50 levels, updated control scheme and new cool art. Play now


Play D-Strike game

Single-level, replayable shooter game. Difficulty and variety of enemies increase as the player progresses through the level. Play now

60 Seconds Invasion

Play 60 Seconds Invasion game

Challenging space invaders with a 60 second limit. Play now

Spaceship Prototype

Play Spaceship Prototype game

Top down space shooter game, complete with powerups and shield packs to restore health. Play now

Planet Wars

Play Planet Wars game

Planet Wars is an exciting old-school top down alien shooter with completely customizable weapons. Simple controls make the game easy to pick up and pla Play now

E.T Tower Defence 2

Made by Lewis Swift. The year is 2013 and alien invasion has begun. Only one colony on earth survived. Can you protect it? V2 COMPLETE REMAKE! Play now

E.T Tower Defence V1

Play E.T Tower Defence V1 game

A new Tower Defence game. Aliens have invaded your earth, only one colony survives. Can you defend it? Version 2 Play now

Alien Invasion

Play Alien Invasion game

An exciting puzzle which tests at full your skills. The main theme of this puzzle are the aliens. Play now

Alien Extermination

Play Alien Extermination game

Farmer Brown has discovered crop circles appearing in his fields every morning when he wakes up. Play now

Super Cat: Alien Invasion

Play Super Cat: Alien Invasion game

The city of felinopia have depended on Super Cat to keep them safe for years, but now evil aliens threaten the Peace that their precious super feline has Play now

Red-One Recycle

Play Red-One Recycle game

I must recycle all bottles in my city, it is my duty, but there is one slight problem: The red one aliens invaded and are after everyone who try to recyc Play now

Magic Mayhem

Play Magic Mayhem game

Short Description On-rails shooter shooter type game in which you fight against mystical creatures attacking you. Full Description: “Welcome O’ power Play now

Manic Shot 2

Play Manic Shot 2 game

Shoot down all the aliens in a lava world and compete for a high score in this sequel to Manic Shot by nonSoft and, featuring parallax scroll Play now

Manic Shot

Fend off waves of aliens and compete for a high score in Manic Shot by nonSoft and, featuring parallax scrolling and variable enemy wave patt Play now

Star Claws

Play Star Claws game

Great physics remover game with new features. Defend Earth from Aliens, using CATS! Play now



You are the last Marine of the Battle Group and Aliens have surronded you. Your mission is to recover as much data as you can from the beacon. Play now


Play SpaceWaste game

Evil Aliens from outer space have left their garbage in our solar system! Play now

Fist Pumpin

Play Fist Pumpin game

While walking home from the nightclub, Louie finds the city taken over by aliens! Help Louie defeat the alien party crashers! Play now


Play SpaceCraft game

Shoot the aliens by using craft.if finish the aliens we move to next levels. Play now