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Ocio Gaming For Sale!

Ocio Gaming is for sale! If you are interested in purchasing this website, please get in touch here

Ultimate Dingo Pingo 3

Play Ultimate Dingo Pingo 3 game

Help Dingo To Save Pingo Play now

iR obot

Play iR obot game

Bad obots are coming! They crave more RAM, faster CPU and better IDE cards. Play now

Alien Extermination

Play Alien Extermination game

Farmer Brown has discovered crop circles appearing in his fields every morning when he wakes up. Play now

Anne Bonny's Booty

Play Anne Bonny's Booty game

Anne Bonny is on the search for her booty and it is your job to help her find it and destroy any thing or any body in your way. Play now

Grandma's Revenge

Play Grandma's Revenge game

Grandma Sandy is sick and tired of those dag nabbin children toilet papering her home. Play now

Worm Massacre

Play Worm Massacre game

The moles have been at war with the worms of Wormonia for several years and it is about time they unleash their rath on the worms. Play now

Super Cat: Alien Invasion

Play Super Cat: Alien Invasion game

The city of felinopia have depended on Super Cat to keep them safe for years, but now evil aliens threaten the Peace that their precious super feline has Play now

Diamond Snatcher

Play Diamond Snatcher game

You have been sent on a mission by your boss to snatch the rare and precious diamond, but you have to get through the maze and defeat the obstacles in yo Play now

Bombs Away Slingshot

Play Bombs Away Slingshot game

Timmy is an avid bird hunter and he heard that the seagulls would make for good dinner. Play now

Clown Squirt

Play Clown Squirt game

Shoot the clown in the mouth. Play now

Little Muffin Top

Play Little Muffin Top game

Little Red went to take her Grandma baked good and opened the door to a horrfic surprise. The wolf had eaten her grandma! Play now

Wonderland Paintball

Play Wonderland Paintball game

The Queen has ordered that you paint the roses read! Hurry and paint the roses before she beheads you in this fun game 'Wonderland Paintball".! Play now

Casino Burglar

Play Casino Burglar game

Few dare to steal from the Las Vegas mobsters, but one criminal did. Play now

Shopping Super Sale

Play Shopping Super Sale game

It is black Friday and you heard there were deals to be had on your favorite bags. Play now

Mad Tank

Play Mad Tank game

The war has gotten out of control and the US military knows only your mad tank skills can defeat and end the war effort! Play now

Puppy Rescue

Play Puppy Rescue game

The rampant dog criminal had struck again, but this time he messed with the wrong girl. Play now

Walking Dices

Play Walking Dices game

The game consists of moving six dices on the board. You have 20 moves. You can also earn extra moves. Roll four dices. Select the first dice. Play now

Burglar Detective

Play Burglar Detective game

You are known through the city for you amazing detective skills and the city now needs your help more than ever! Play now

Death to Cerebus

Play Death to Cerebus game

Travel through the maze to defeat the evil three headed dog Cerebus. Help your town and become the hero in the game 'Death to Cerebus". Play now

Mouse Revolt

Play Mouse Revolt game

The mad scientist is doing evil tests on the little mouse and has put the poor animal in a deep sleep so he could complete is evil tests, Help the mouse Play now

Word Wrustler

Play Word Wrustler game

In the game 'Word Wrustler' you are a scrabble U and must make your way to the end of the maze to complete the word. Play now