Shooting games

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Ocio Gaming is for sale! If you are interested in purchasing this website, please get in touch here

Zen Pond Hop

Play Zen Pond Hop game

Help the frog collect the green orbs in this game with a relaxing pond atmosphere featuring soothing music. Play now

Dead Metal

Play Dead Metal game

Dead Metal: jump on the spaceship and protect the earth from alien attacks! Select a mission from the control panel and launch this challenge galactic. Play now

Santa's little (zombie) helpers

Play Santa's little (zombie) helpers game

Help Santa and his wife save Xmas from the zombie elfs. Play now

Manic Shot 2

Play Manic Shot 2 game

Shoot down all the aliens in a lava world and compete for a high score in this sequel to Manic Shot by nonSoft and, featuring parallax scroll Play now

Space univer Diamonds

Play Space univer Diamonds game

Space Univer Diamonds Play now

Fighting Snowball Fighting

Play Fighting Snowball Fighting game

Grab your shotgun and get involved in your son's snowball fight! Play now

Defense Crops

Play Defense Crops game

Protect your crop from hungry animals. Earn money to buy weapons, upgrades Play now

Manic Shot

Fend off waves of aliens and compete for a high score in Manic Shot by nonSoft and, featuring parallax scrolling and variable enemy wave patt Play now

Bouncing Madness

Play Bouncing Madness game

The objective is shoot the bouncing balloons while avoiding contact with them. Play now

Gibbets 3

Play Gibbets 3 game

Gibbets is back! Load up your trusty bow and shoot some rope to save people from being hanged! Now includes a custom level editor. Play now

Angry Santa

Play Angry Santa game

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. Santa Claus is angry this year, his friends snow men were in trouble, he needs to free them from cages. Play now

Santa's Battlefield

Play Santa's Battlefield game

Santas Battlefield is an awesome Zombie/Monster shooter where Santa has to battle an endless barrage of zombies and monsters unlocking awesome weapons an Play now

Santa Kills Zombies 2

Play Santa Kills Zombies 2 game

Sequel to the popular Santa Kills Zombies, the new Santa kills zombies is a 2.5D Zombie shooter (defense) where SANTA RETURNS FOR MORE REVENGE TO KILL Z Play now

Maya vs Aliens

Play Maya vs Aliens game

Defend the city of Maya from aliens. Place cannons along road on which aliens move. Do not give any of them to get in city Play now

Old New Christmas

Play Old New Christmas game

Could you decorate the christmas tree? Play now

Censorship Pig

Play Censorship Pig game

The greedy lobbyist pigs are in the US capital spreading their money around trying to get SOPA (aka Stop Online Piracy Act) and PROTECT IP passed to brin Play now

Killer Of Ghost

Play Killer Of Ghost game

Killer Of Ghost Play now

Elemental Defense

Play Elemental Defense game

Use the elements to defend against the invading waves. Level the towers up for more impact while playing through a variety of levels Play now

Stealth Prowler

Play Stealth Prowler game

American scientists have developed a stealth capability for their standard military off-road vehicles. Your mission, test the stealth system, and if succ Play now

A&B Space

Play A&B Space game

It's a space combating game with a story line. You can build your own crafts with 271 parts in the game. Different bodies, wings, engines and guns. Play now

Bovine Assailant

Play Bovine Assailant game

Fly your Spaceship through fields woods trying to gain fuel for your ship by collecting cattle, while fighting off your enemies. Play now