Rhythm games

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Stickman Escape

Play Stickman Escape game

Make the flying stickman escape from the room in which he is locked up. Play now


Play JABBO Live! game

The world's first video chat music game! JABBO™ is a video chat game that uses your webcam to detect movement. Now with JABBO Live, you can thump Play now

Road Signs Mahjong 2

Play Road Signs Mahjong 2 game

Use the mouse to remove the two identical traffic sign. Use the “hint” button and you get a hint. Play now

Goin' Up

Play Goin' Up game

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to hit the the boxes in order to jump higher and achieve the highest score. The higher you jump the higher your score Play now

Fruit Rescue

Play Fruit Rescue game

Help the adventurer recover the fruits from the volcano by bouncing them on his raft. Play now

Picnic decoration

Play Picnic decoration game

You and the whole family have decided to go out on a picnic in this decorating game. Play now

Hamburger Hotdog

Play Hamburger Hotdog game

Your snackshop is open! The Burgers and hotdogs have piled up and now its your chance to feed the customers as fast as you can! Play now

easy connect

Play easy connect game

There are many different things, if two of them are the same, and they can be connected without barrier, they will disappear quickly. Play now

Rapid Click

Play Rapid Click game

Click the circles as fast as you can! Accuracy and timing are key! Take too long and the circles will break. Play now

Vintage Dodge

Play Vintage Dodge game

Wow this is a vintage car comes from old times. Feel the ancient times with this vintage dodge car. Play now

Muppet Cats

Play Muppet Cats game

Connect same tiles with cats to Complete 10 different levels.Use your mouse to clear each of two similar cats.Models must be removed to each other, or th Play now

One Pixel Game

Play One Pixel Game game

This is an experimental game. I wanted to make a game with the lowest possible resolution. This game is a 1x1 pixel game. It's a 1D game Play now

Virtual Guitar - Gibson

Play Virtual Guitar - Gibson game

Play your favourite Gibson guitar on you computer Play now


Play FootBalls game

Take the control of the white team. Click on the white football and drag your mouse away the ball to give power into the shoot. Play now

Zoptirik Bus

Play Zoptirik Bus game

You will enjoy this zoptirik bus driving game most probably. Play now

Nea's - Fast Target ... You're too slow

Play Nea's - Fast Target ... You're too slow game

Faster Faster Faster! (hardcast community - duell [highscore] game) 10 Laps ... The faster, the more points Play now


Play tambores game

Play drums with your keyboard or mouse. Play now


Play sketch game

Classic sketch game Play now

Find The Cat!!

Play Find The Cat!! game

(Español abajo) Description ======== Move your mouse to locate the hidden cat, the higher you hear his voice the closer you are to him. The faster Play now

The Legend of Phoenix

Play The Legend of Phoenix game

An easy to play score/coin collector game, The game environment has the myth of Phoenix Goal: You will have to eat certain number of target food in Play now

Kick a Friend 2

Play Kick a Friend 2 game

Kick a ragdoll as far as you can. Play now