Rhythm games

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Beat Chaser 2

Play Beat Chaser 2 game

Beat Chaser 2 is a combination of bullet hell and rhythm game. Play now

Trash Take Over

Play Trash Take Over game

Blithely The Blob Must avoid the falling trash Play now

Red Carpet Photo Shoot

Play Red Carpet Photo Shoot game

Lorraine is a famous model and she is going to represent summer fashion styles at a red carpet photo shoot. Play now

Mini Stopwatch

Play Mini Stopwatch game

Stopwatch game, is a very simple game where you must push the button at the exact moment that the rightmost digit of the clock is zero. Play now

Christmas Rescue

Play Christmas Rescue game

Christmas Rescue is a short, fun, story driven Christmas perfect for kids and adults alike this time of year. Players have 24 days to collect presents f Play now

Escape To Christmas Dance Party

Play Escape To Christmas Dance Party game

GamesNovel.com - Christmas Dance Party escape. Play now

The Zombie Dance

Play The Zombie Dance game

A fun memory game where you play as Emon the Zombie. Remember the pattern of lights on the pumpkins and then tap them in the same pattern. Play now

Indie Music Manager

Play Indie Music Manager game

Music is a risky business. Can you manage the egos, scandals and fans as well as the glamour of being an Indie Music Manager? Play now

Hungry Brothers

Play Hungry Brothers game

Hungry Brothers are hungry like an all time. Help them to eat more food. Try to get all the 18 achievements and the 'secret button'. Play now

Gangnam Dance

Play Gangnam Dance game

Gangnam style madness entered the game sector, too! We produce new phenomenon gangman dance game for you. Play now

Video Durak

Play Video Durak game

Old Russian cards game Durak (Fool). This time, with live dancing girl. If you win a set, girl dance for you. Play now

Challenge of the Summer Games

Play Challenge of the Summer Games game

Race for the Gold in three different sporting events in the Summer Games. Play now

One Day One Button

Play One Day One Button game

Your life is grey? Every day is the same? I don't think so... (MochiJuly2012: Summer Games reference in level 6) Play now

Tokyo Guinea Pop

Play Tokyo Guinea Pop game

Bubble Guinea Pop returns, this time in Tokyo Zoo. Help the Guinea Pigs use snakes and bubblegum to rescue the animals from the ZooWrangler! Play now

Color Runner

Play Color Runner game

Run through each level as you continuously change color to match the blocks on the ground. Play now

Chiago Slider Puzzle Game

Play Chiago Slider Puzzle Game game

Chicago slider puzzle game made by 8 piece. Player should move pieces so that Windy City picture was clear. Game level is difficult. Play now

Ultimate Pong

Play Ultimate Pong game

The best pong game ever, which will give you non stop fun all day! Play now

Kids Room Wall Decals

Play Kids Room Wall Decals game

Find the Hidden Objects in Kids Room Wall Decals! Play now

Escape From Sports Room

Play Escape From Sports Room game

Gamesnovel.com Its a new game website. In this site we are published all our developed games daily. Play now

Extreme Dunks

Play Extreme Dunks game

Do you know what time it is? It is Extreme Dunking time. This game will test you balling skills to see if you are a real baller or not Play now

Ultimate Rock Skipper 3

Play Ultimate Rock Skipper 3 game

A rock skipping game which is trending world wide. Use your space bar to give power and direction to the rock and win the game! Play now