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Daisy Escape Play School Fun

Play Daisy Escape Play School Fun game

The little girl is really enthusiastic about making it to school, so do a good deed by helping her prepare for it. Play now

Car Design

Play Car Design game

Make your favorite car. You decide what you like! A car design game with many options. Play now

Princess Bride Reunion

Play Princess Bride Reunion game

Irene has got a collection of new wedding dresses for her reunion with her boy friend. Play now

Decay of Men

Play Decay of Men game

After years of chaos and global corruption the world has now become a perilous place. Food is scarce and everyone must fight for their survival. Play now


Play Farflung game

Fling the ball to destroy dots and compete on the leaderboards! Play now

Collapsed Wooden House escape

Play Collapsed Wooden House escape game

Collapsed Wooden House is point and click escape the room type game, where task is to explore Collased Wooden House, find items like 11 amulets, spheres, Play now

DuckLife 4

Play DuckLife 4 game

Train your team of ducks to reach the top of the duck racing championship in this long-awaited sequel Play now

Nano Kingdoms 2

Play Nano Kingdoms 2 game

Return to the epic world of Nano Kingdoms, to defeat once and for all the evil Joker, who has kidnaped the king!. Play now

Animals - Classification

Play Animals - Classification game

This game helps children especially to identify the different animal classifications. Play now


Play Galooxagala game

In year 2960 the Earth Federation is almost eliminated. The territories that are out of solar system has been attacked for an alien enemy. Play now

Virtual Large Maze - Set 1010

Play Virtual Large Maze - Set 1010 game

Try to beat this new 3D maze that contain many possible solutions to the exit. Play now

noitcelfeR 2

Play noitcelfeR 2 game

Use reflections to jump across obstacles in the sequel to the new concept puzzle platformer. Play now

TacoMazing Lvl 1-2

Play TacoMazing Lvl 1-2 game

Tacos! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat every taco on screen, and then hoard as many nacho chips as you can in the bonus round. Play now

Fly Swatter

Play Fly Swatter game

This is a game still in beta. You will have to hit the lady bug before she escapes. it will become faster over time as level progresses Play now


Play DeadStand game

A zombie plague has been released to the world. Can you defend the city from zombie invasion? Place towers to stop the zombies from entering the city. Play now

Folder Mania

Play Folder Mania game

The Folders have gone Mad. Your mission is to catch as many folders as you can. Play now

Cats Room Hidden Object

Play Cats Room Hidden Object game

A classic but amazingly challenging hidden object game by Free-Game-Land.com. Play now


Play Mushbits game

Unite bunnies and mushrooms in this bouncy puzzle game. Play now

Follow the Path

Play Follow the Path game

Use mouse to follow the path, don't let the emote guy drop! Play now

Red Carpet Photo Shoot

Play Red Carpet Photo Shoot game

Lorraine is a famous model and she is going to represent summer fashion styles at a red carpet photo shoot. Play now

Empty Asylum

Play Empty Asylum game

You were finally talked into going in the empty asylum by your close friend. Play now