Fighting games

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Muhteşem Dövüş

In Ottaman Empire time, the conflict between hürrem sultan and mahidevran sultan could end with a perfect war. Play now



Choose a 'target'! Use SPACEBAR to kick. Get a record Score. Good luck! Tips and help: [email protected] Play now

Children Room Decorate

Play Children Room Decorate game

Children Room Decorating game. Play now

Ivan's League of Super Flankers

Play Ivan's League of Super Flankers game

Take part in a Jet fighter game with up to 13 different weapons and 9 different jets. Unlimited levels, each level gets more challenging. Play now

Street War - Get out of my Town

Play Street War - Get out of my Town game

Protect your territory. Old style with a machete or gun blazing, either way kick those thugs out. Play now


Play Samurai_of_Gangster game

Samurai rebellion in AD13XX. Zipang Play now


Play 13 game

This game is about another version of Russian roulette. You are chosen to play in the ring to win a lot of cash. Play now

Lollipop Kingdom full version

Play Lollipop Kingdom full version game

Use WASD keys to move character,press "A" or "D" twice can run,attack by "J" ,jump by "K", whirlwind by "L&q Play now

Earth Saviour

Play Earth Saviour game

Just think you are an aero fighter. Now you have to save the world from the aliens. There are three levels. Level two & three are more exciting. Play now

Final Night

Play Final Night game

Your town is in attack by zombies but no one is willing to fight back! It's up to you to blast the zombies and protect your loved ones! Play now


Play Hunted game

Zombies are everywhere. Will you be the hunter... or the hunted? Fight back in this action-packed zombie shooter! Play now

Robot Arena

Play Robot Arena game

Avoid and destroy the enemy robots in this classic jump and smash style game! The concept is simple, avoid the enemies while your green power circle grow Play now

Lollipop Kingdom

Play Lollipop Kingdom game

Use WASD keys to move character,press "A" or "D" twice can run,attack by "J" ,jump by "K", whirlwind by "L&q Play now

Space Meteor

Play Space Meteor game

children aged 8 to 14 years Play now

Kid Chaos Ultra

Play Kid Chaos Ultra game

Dr. Shimura has upgraded you for battle against Dr. Gerbasco's evil robotic army. Equipped with Dr. Play now

Stick Ballistica

Play Stick Ballistica game

Want to play a game where you can destroy the other teammate in a fight to the death? Then you should play this game, Stick Ballistica! Play now

Keys of Atlantis

Play Keys of Atlantis game

You are Prof. Von Sputnik, the world's most adventurous electro-diver. Play now

Turret Tower Titans

Play Turret Tower Titans game

Turret Tower Titans is a game where your player is a turret, and you must fend off thousands of enemies with your turret! Play now

Alieninator3000: On Offense

Play Alieninator3000: On Offense game

The aliens have attacked earth once before. Now it's time we take action and attack their homeland! Play now

Protect the city of the Undead!

Play Protect the city of the Undead! game

Fight hordes of hungry zombies, pick up Health Packs and Weapons from drop boxes. Play now

Age of Shurikens

Play Age of Shurikens game

Play the path of a lone ninja fighting for vengeance in a world guided by gods. Play now